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What’s the final scene of the Bird in Clone Wars?

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended (officially) for good, and the final bow of the series was all the fans had been waiting for. The Clone Wars were over when Palpatin/Darth Sidius finally took his revenge on the Sith by accepting Order 66 and using his army of clones to destroy the Jedi. Part of the story we haven’t heard yet is how some of the key figures from the era of Skywalker’s Prequel saga (Darth Mol, Ahsoka Tano) escaped from Order 66. In the final scene of the Clone Wars, however, some Star Wars fans were very confused.

What was that bird in Star Wars? The last scene of the Clone Wars? The value of this symbolic moment is explained (SPOILERS) :

The final scene of the Clone Wars is an epilogue that was filmed some time after the events of Star Wars: Vengeance of the Sith. During Ahsoka Tanos 66. he escaped execution and released Darth Maul from prison to help him escape and rescue Rex’s clone commanders from Palpatine’s mind control. Thanks to Maul’s wrath, the destroyer lands with Ahsoka and Rex on the distant moon. Ahsoka and Rex are the only survivors (Maul escaped in the shuttle) and they buried cloned elite soldiers on the site of World War 501. Legion.

Years later, when the wreckage is frozen and obsolete, Darth Vader finally returns to the scene of the crash and finds an essential relic: one of Ahsoka Tano’s lightsabers, given to him by Anankin Skywalker as a final gift. Father lights the blue sword and looks inside until he hears the cry of the bird as it flies over his head. As he looks at the bird, he pulls out his sword and continues, leaving the cemetery behind him.

The bird that Father sees is none other than the Morai, the convertible female bird that has a symbolic meaning in the entire Clone Wars series. Morai was the spiritual representation of the daughter, one of the three higher beings with whom Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka met in the Mortis Ark of the Clone Wars. The daughter represented the sunny side of power and emphasized peace and creation; her brother, the son, was the dark side of death and destruction; while the father kept the balance between brothers and sisters in the war. When Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan arrived in Mortis, Ahsoka’s life was saved by a girl who sacrificed her being to teach the Padawan.

The ethereal being, who was given a second life by his daughter, saw Ahsoka de Morai use her whole life as a vessel. Morai was present at a time as crucial as Ahsoki’s later fight with Darth Vader in the twilight of the Star Wars rebels. The bird led the powerhouse Ezra Bridger through the worlds to protect Ahsoka from Father during her duel. The bird also witnessed how Father narrowly escaped the same duel.

In the context of the last scene of Morai’s clone war, he seems to remind Darth Vader of the bright side of power that still lives in him, represented by the light of his disciple Ahsoki Tano. These little memory coals of Anakin Skywalker eventually led Father to reject the dark side and save Luke of Palpatine in the Battle of Endor, the return of the Jedi.

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