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What Kobe Bryant doesn’t respect, per former LA coach

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Italian national coach Tom Belashevsky had the opportunity to work closely with Kobe Bryant as video coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers. His observations show that Bryant had no respect for those who, like him, did not invest time.

Speaking of Voj Pod, Beljashevsky said that even if the Laker legend disagrees with you, he will make you wait when he finds out how hard you worked.

I think if you were ready, and even if he didn’t like what you said or disagree, he respected what you stopped in time. I think it was people, because he was working his ass off.

A full episode of Voy with Italian competition coach Tom Belashevsky about life in seclusion and the distance between Kobe and his parents’ house. https://t.co/estogXFr2n pic.twitter.com/QFIsNYofTr

– Adrian Voynarovsky (@wojespn) 25. March 2020.

In addition, he had read about Bryant’s legendary early morning training before Belashevsky joined the Lakers. At first he thought it was some kind of made-up story about Bryant. Didn’t he know everything he read was true?

It was the biggest shock for me when I got there. I was thinking of a training session at 6 a.m., and all you read remotely are media files posted there to protect your aura and everything else. But it wasn’t. He expected everyone to work as hard as he did. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Even if it doesn’t exist, stories about Laker symbols keep flooding in. It shows that Bryant’s spirit is alive and inspiring, even after death.

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