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Trump says he’s “president of law and order,” declares aggressive action on Ash vs. Evil Dead Star Thinks Series could have survived with a larger audience on other streaming platforms.

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Bruce Campbell returned as Ash Williams for three seasons of Ash vs. Wicked Dead on Starz – a program that the fans enjoyed but couldn’t attract many spectators. Star Ray Santiago believes that if the series were available to subscribers of other major streaming services, it would earn enough to expand it for additional seasons. The actor remarked that he was happy that the cable network was so supportive of the program and that it was a great home for what the program wanted to do, but that the niche was limited.

I liked the house we had at Starz, but it was so limited that Santiago shared it during Mainframe Comic Con 2.0 towards the end of the series. We could have a large audience if we were on a platform like Hulu or Amazon or Netflix, but because we subscribed to that cable TV, the audience was really limited. Because when the show came on Netflix, we noticed that people were still watching the seasons one to three, and they were really excited. It was sad because we were so big, and it didn’t get the praise it needed. And personally, I can’t wait for everything to go according to plan. Just because we had so many relationships doesn’t mean we had to play with them.

Franchise made her debut in 1981 with the play The Evil Dead, after which Campbell re-released the role on the big screen in two large-format suites. Since the end of the trilogy with the Army of Darkness in 1992, fans have been hoping for new adventures with the hero. In 2013, fans relaunched the concept, and while many fans appreciated his performance, others were still hoping to see another Campbell movie. The actor commented earlier that fans should appreciate what they got in the series, because the three seasons of the series concerned something that would last half a dozen films.

People should kiss the stars’ asses, because that’s the only way to have any creative control, but it’s not appreciated either, as Campbell pointed out earlier. It’s not off. Maybe we had to cut back for some countries that couldn’t get all the money, but it’s unlisted TV, and for a fan who’s too unhappy, man, it doesn’t get any better. If it was at AMC, Ash would say: Oh, my God, what’s going on in there?

He added that using the series, they are committed to doing a full season, then another full season, and as far as counting pages, time spent with the ashes is the only way to do it, and as actors we can really dig under the character now, said the actor. You can spend time with him. With the film you have to tell a story, it’s very scripted, but with the TV series you can really tell it: Okay, The Ash has a daughter. What the hell is this? He’s like the worst father, but he’s trying to be a better father. Besides, you’ve had him for three years. If we did it like the movies, you’d get them every two years. If we did it like in the movies, we’d still be on the show for about three hours, and you know what? If one of them fails, it will destroy everything.

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