Home sports Tottenham and Brentford draw, ushering in the post-Harry Kane era.

Tottenham and Brentford draw, ushering in the post-Harry Kane era.

Tottenham and Brentford draw, ushering in the post-Harry Kane era.

Tottenham started their new existence without Harry Kane with a point at Brentford. Spurs came back from a 2-1 deficit under Ange Postecoglou for the first time in Premier League thanks to Emerson Royal’s accurate right-foot shot halfway through the first half’s 11 minutes of stoppage time.

The majority of that extra time was taken up by Christian Romero, first for a head injury evaluation following his collision with Bryan Mbeumo, and then after he scored the game’s first goal off a free-kick from James Maddison, a bullet header from six yards that he met with such force that he could not continue despite his protestations to the contrary.

When Var instructed Robert Jones to turn to the screen to look again at Son Heung-min’s trailing leg as it clipped Mathias Jensen, Brentford quickly recovered and equalized from the spot. Var had earlier demonstrated that Romero was only a few millimeters offside when he scored the opening goal, but now it convinced the referee to give Spurs a penalty, which Bryan Mbeumo executed with all the finesse and carelessness of Ivan Toney.

By speeding past the right-back to cross, Rico Henry, who had Royal beat apparently at will, created a chance for Yoane Wissa to give Brentford the lead. In an attempt to block Wissa’s shot, Davinson Sanchez and Micky van de Ven were struck, and the deflection left Guglielmo Vicario, making his Tottenham debut, with little chance.

If that were all Royal had to offer, he soon gave his new management a glimpse of his best side by scoring from 20 yards following some excellent work by the incredibly brilliant James Maddison. Richarlison primarily wasted good chances for Spurs in the second half as they controlled possession, but because to Yves Bissouma’s outstanding performance, their defense held firm enough to fend off Brentford’s quick but infrequent counterattacks.

The Gtech Stadium’s water supply was turned off, which caused a seven-minute delay at the start of the first half.

Brentford Tottenham 2 2: LIVE REPORTING, as it happened, and related stories

Mannschaftsfoto, Aufstellung, team photo Tottenham Hotspur


Brentford 2 Tottenham 2 at full time.

Though they were unable to convert the pressure into three points, Tottenham’s comeback from being down 2-1 to control the second half was excellent. Although Brentford is exactly as excellent as they were a year ago, the loss of Jensen had an impact on them, and they struggled to get back on the offensive in the second half.

90+3 seconds later, Brentford 2 Tottenham 2

Man of the match honors go to Yves Bissouma.

Vicario eliminates Schade after the ball has long since disappeared. JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images


90+1 seconds later, Brentford 2 Tottenham 2

Oh, mercy. There have only been four additional minutes added to this marathon. When Brentford retreats behind the ball and tries to stop Tottenham at 20 yards, Sarr’s tenacity and Kulusevski’s nimble movement begin a period of Tottenham pressure. 


Brentford 2 Tottenham 2 at 89 minutes

very likely After smart play from Maddison and Perisic to set up a shot from 12 yards with a cross from the left, Richarlison not so much wasted as left to go begging. But he allows it to get the better of him before it’s too late.

4:02 PM, 87 seconds: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2.

A cross from Brentford surprisingly floats towards the direction of the goal. Vicario gets tangled up, loses his bearings, and can only reach the tip of his middle finger near the object. When Royal’s hand is struck by a left-handed shot that was in front of his shorts, Brentford appeals for a penalty. They also want another when Vicario sprints out of the penalty area and collides with Schade, who had already poked the ball out. On either claim, nothing has been done.


Brentford 2 Tottenham 2 at 85 minutes

Damsagard squanders an opportunity for a free kick by striking the first (Tottenham) man.

Football stadium. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons


83 minutes: Tottenham 2 Brentford 2.

In an attempt to set up Perisic’s late, back-post run, Kulusevski cuts inside from the right, opens his body, and strikes a cross with his left hand. However, Perisic fades the ball past his teammate.

Final substitution by Brentford is Jorgensen for Ajer.


From the Gtech Stadium, Thom Gibbs writes

The second half is considerably more sensible. There have been no goals, no significant delays due to injuries, and only one substitute thus far. We are optimistic that we will be finished before dark. Ange Postecoglou has taken control of a game that was dangerously loose in the first half. It will take someone with a better tactical mind than mine to figure out how he did it.


81 minutes: Tottenham 2 Brentford 2.

Persisc, who has positioned himself on the left but deeper than Son, loses the ball 20 yards from the Bees’ goal, but his teammates keep their positions and prevent any harm from occurring. You can already tell how much more organized they are.


79 seconds: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2

When Van de Ven extends his leg to hook the ball away before Baptiste can control a bouncing ball into the box, there is a big clamour for a second Brentford penalty. Var finally says, “No dice.”


77 seconds: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2 Mbeumo attempts to clear the first row of Tottenham sentries from the right side of the area after taking the free kick.

Richarlison locates his gun boots. Michael Hewitt/Getty Images


Brentford, 76 seconds Tottenham 2 Spurs make two other alterations to follow suit. Maddison, who is now the captain, gives up a free kick after pushing Schade. No specific reservations, though.

Skipp Perisic’s son is Sarr.


74 minutes: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2

Right away, Schade is given the opportunity to extend his legs down the left, but Spurs stop the threat the erratic winger poses.


Brentford at 3:46 PM, 72 minutes Tottenham 2 2

Frank moves toward his seat:

Norgaard, Roerslev, Hickey Schade, and Wissa Baptiste.

Brentford 2 Tottenham 2 in the 69th minute at 3:45

In an effort to stem the tide of Tottenham, Brentford is about to make three substitutions. Alternately, turn it. Udogie and Mbeumo are squabbling, and the Totenham left-back keeps them going until Mbeumo commits the foul.


67 minutes: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2

Tottenham has been in complete control for the whole of this half, increasing their advantage in the possession statistics above 70%. There is a lot of positional swirl as Bissouma brings the ball forward recklessly while appearing to have been reborn: Udogie had barely joined an attack on the right wing when Royal scored from the inside-left. It will be fun to see them.

Erik Lamela (Tottenham Hotspur, 11)

65 seconds later, Brentford defeated Tottenham.

Due of his class’s ability to maneuver in confined spaces, Maddison avoided obstacles this time to set up Richarlison’s right-side run into the box. The No. 9 Brazil player makes a good connection but harpoons his shot right at Flekken.

On his debut, Flekken makes a save. JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images


1 hour: Brentford Tottenham 2 Tottenham 2 Hickey is fouled and receives a booking, resulting in a free kick wide to the left. It is fed directly down Flekken’s throat by Madison.

3:35 PM 61 seconds: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2

Flekken made a crucial save on the goal line with his large right foot to block Son’s hesitant left-foot attempt. Richarlison and Maddison are being allowed to occupy the positions in front of the center backs a little too freely by Brentford this half.


59 seconds: Tottenham 2, Brentford 2.

They now approach the Spurs defense from the right side, making a break for it. Royal is nudged aside by Janelt, who then flies over a cross that Vicario deftly blocks by turning into Superman. Damsgaard receives the ball at his feet, but his 18-yard shot misses Vicario.


57 seconds: Tottenham 2 Brentford 2.

After spending a lot of time watching Brentford, it’s been all Spurs for the past few minutes, which can work to their advantage. They respond with lightning speed.


Brentford 2 Tottenham 2 at 55 seconds.

When Royal spots Richarlison on the left side of the box with a cross, he is let down by his close control. His initial touch was too heavy, allowing Collins to steal it from him as he attempted to cushion it and spin to shoot. Collins almost got stuck as well, but to avoid unnecessary risk, he smacked it out of play.

Brentford 2 Tottenham at 3:26 PM 2

Madison clings to the near post with the corner. Kulusevski launches his volley into the crowd after Ajer heads it out.


Tottenham 2 Brentford 2 at 3:25 PM

Richarlison did well to exchange passes with Son before turning away from the goal to sprint down the left side of the box and win a corner when his shot or cross was stopped.

Brentford 2 Tottenham at 3:23 PM 2

Son and Kulusevski are able to connect with Madison nicely. He is a dynamic player in the box, playing one-twos, laying off, and firing shots, the most recent of which, with his right, bobbles gently to Flekken.

Injuries to Mathias Jensen’s left thigh, maybe to his quadriceps or hamstrings, will cause him to leave the game.

Jensen Damsgaard.

Brentford 2 Tottenham 2 at 3:19 p.m.

At 3:19 PM, the second half of a game that was supposed to start at 2 PM but instead started at 2.07 PM, will begin. It makes sense that the second game is now at 4.30 instead of 4 o’clock in the afternoon.


Brentford-based reporter Thom Gibbs

Brentford appeared to be shaken by the excessive amount of stoppage time, both on the field and in the crowd. After a rather boisterous first half, the crowd instantly fell silent, and the team became deeper and more irresponsible.

Johnny Tannoy has more bad news: “We are still having problems with the water supply throughout the stadium, which is affecting the restrooms and some catering units.” But don’t worry, there is more hand sanitizer available.



Spurs 2 Brentford at halftime

So far, a really engaging match. Lots much activity. There are some positive developments from Skipp, Bissouma, and Madison, and Brentford is continuing to play as slickly, efficiently, and unrepentantly as it has for the previous three seasons.


46 minutes: Brentford 2 Spurs 2

As an illustration. Henry outruns Royal while pursuing a chip down the left and fizzes a cross to the back stick, where Mbeumo is unable to connect. Before he can react, the ball strikes him and whistles wide off his shin. He could have had the opportunity to angle his foot correctly if it had a little less zip. 


46:07: Brentford 2 Spurs 2

Wissa is impeded by offside. Spurs have shown tenacity in fighting back to 2-2, and the midfield formation is much more promising sans Hojbjerg’s joy-sucking antics. But the defense continues to appear fragile.


A variation on the 11+ Stoppage from earlier at Brentford CREDIT: Paul Childs/Reuters/Action Images



(Royal) Brentford 2, Spurs 2.  Fortunately, the ball ran right to him after Maddison was tackled. He then absolutely slammed home a shot from the left of the D. The lower left corner has a lovely, crisp finish.

Emerson Royal scores a goal for Tottenham. CREDIT: Paul Child/Reuters/Action Images



48 minutes: Brentford 2 Spurs Before Maddison whips a cross from the right to the center of the goal, there is 1. Son meets it on the volley at the back post as Richarlison flicks it on, but he lights it into the hoardings with his left foot. No ice; slice.


Brentford at 45:02 2 Spurs 1 Good play by Tottenham using triangles down the left and switches to the other side of the field and back. However, they are unable to thread the pass past a dense defense.

Ryan Mason, four other players, and Maddison were all given bookings in the first half for Spurs. Getty Images Rob Newell/CameraSport


60 seconds: Brentford 2 Spurs 1

Richarlison heads the free kick clear as Jensen chips it up the middle, and Bissouma sprints toward goal. But Brentford increases its membership.

The fourth official declares a pause of 11 (eleven!) minutes. Consider the bloggers; a carpal tunnel epidemic is imminent.


1 hour: Brentford 2 Spurs 1

Spurs receive yet another caution, this time for Skipp pulling Jensen to the ground. They are increasing; there are already five.

Ange Postecoglou: hello, Tottenham Shutterstock/Kieran McManus/Tottenham Hotspur FC



40 minutes: Spurs 1 vs. Brentford

Tottenham lacks a reliable right-back capable of playing in a back-four. Royal has been instructed to tuck into midfield like John Stones, but his main task—containing Henry—is not going well. I guess Kulusevski could offer additional assistance.


Wissa: Brentford 2, Spurs 1.  Tottenham make a mistake. Sanchez receives an unfair caution for taking a free kick inside the Brentford half. Maddison raises his voice in protest as he always has, unaware of the new rule that players cannot serve as referees and the crackdown on dissent, and he too receives a booking. Henry receives a free kick from Brentford that is launched to the left. The ball takes a nick off Sanchez as he attempted to block and spins past the goalkeeper as Royal performs his Rip van Winkle act once more. Henry sprints on to the ball to square it to Wissa, who collapses as he fires. 

Due to a deflection from Wissa’s shot, Vicario is defeated. PHOTO CREDITS: Justin Talis/AFP


Brentford-based reporter Thom Gibbs

First half hour was very predictable. Three yellow cards, one substitution, two goals, and the dramatic water supply interruption. According to the new regulations, we should allow at least eight minutes more.

Since Brentford was one of the best sides in the league at gaining the ball back in hostile area last season, both clubs’ successful pressing is not surprising. More startling behavior from Spurs, who for the majority of the previous season avoided that kind of behavior. Both teams are settling down a little bit as they recollect the idea of midfield.


31 minutes: Spurs 1 Brentford

When Royal lost possession of the ball and allowed Wissa to charge down the inside left and into the box, Sanchez made a good recovery tackle to free him. In order to perform a flawless sliding tackle that even rebounded off the attacker and went out for a goal kick, Sanchez read the danger, followed Wissa, and slid in. Bubble twice.


Brentford 1-0 Spurs 29 seconds.

For speedy restarts, Brentford uses the multi-ball method and some extremely agile ball guys and ladies. Vicario has started out looking like he would be easy to rattle, so he will receive a lot of jeers and whistles if the ball is thrown back to him.


27 minutes: Spurs 1 Brentford

Son catches Jensen with his trailing leg a split second later, and Var tells the referee to look again and give a penalty. PHOTO CREDIT: Toby Melville/REUTERS

Ryan Mason of Tottenham and a Brentford staff member are both issued warnings for fighting over that penalty.



Spurs 1 Brentford 1 (Mbeumo, pen)  He has a hitch in his run-up and barely looks at the ball, which are shades of Toney. Viacrio is seated, and he places it low to the left of the goal.

Vicario is doused by Mbeumo, who scores the equalizer. Michael Hewitt/Getty Images



It won’t be taken by Toney for Brentford.

The ball is being held by Norgaard. Vicario is charged for attempting to keep the ball. Mbeumo will finally succeed.


Check for a Brentford pen in the var

It’s a soft call, but the referee will make it. Jensen was grazed on the ankle by Son’s trailing leg.

Referee Robert Jones penalizes Brentford after receiving a request from the Var to have a second look. Julian Finney of Getty Images

2:30 PM 22 minutes: Brentford 0 – 1 Spurs

Norgaard has a chance to score as he eludes Sanchez and sprints around the back to meet a cross from the right after a Brentford corner. However, Vicario is quick enough to leap to catch it before he can place a second touch after his initial contact smashes it up into the air.


20 minutes: Spurs 1 0 Brentford

Behind Emerson Royal, Brentford has all the room they require. At the penalty spot, Wissa receives a low cross from Henry this time, but Sanchez deflects his sluggish shot.


18 minutes: Spurs 1 0 Brentford

From the corner, Brentford performs one of their routines. At the back post, Ajer meets it and heads the ball back across goal before Wissa attempts to score against Vicario.

2:24 PM, 16 minutes: Spurs 1, Brentford 0.

After their hive was knocked over, Brentford reacted like enraged wasps, charging up the left flank with Janelt and Mbeumo to win a corner, then another when Hickey’s left-footed attempt was deflected behind. Sanchez did a good job with his header to stop the first cross.


13 minutes: Spurs 1 0 Brentford

Romero only made that contact once. He is replaced right away, but Spurs didn’t use the concussion substitution card.

Romero Sanchez.

If you’re there and need to use the restroom, the water is now back on.



(Romero) Brentford 0 – 1 Tottenham tapped in a header from about six yards out that was deflected onside by a defender’s knee after Maddison furiously whips the ball.

Romero scores after a free-kick by Maddison. CREDIT: Paul Childs/Reuters/Action Images


examines the possible angle from the side.

However, the Var check goes on.



(Romero) Brentford 0 – 1 Tottenham For offside, look.


10 minutes: Spurs 0 Brentford.

When he feels pressure on his back, the infamous Maddison flip is rewarded with a free kick parallel to the 18-yard line.


9 minutes: Spurs 0 Brentford.

signs that Maddison would feed Richarlison with a beautiful inside-right throw that he almost intercepted. Flekken flaps at a cross from the ensuing corner, and Collins scrambles it away, adding to the overall mood among the debuting goalkeeping fraternity.


7 minutes: Spurs 0 Brentford.

According to Thom Gibbs from Brentford, Spurs supporters are valiantly attempting to incorporate “Oh Ange Postecoglou” into the Seven Nation Army melody. I’m sorry; I understand that this is only the first game of the season. You have had a complete preseason to come up with a chant for your new manager that scans; yet, at this level, mediocre songcraft will be exposed.

Now that Seven Nation Army is in its third round, players are warming up without coats and referee Robert Jones is arguing with officials and managers behind the bench. There has been talk of a stadium water and sanitation issue. “We hope to be kicking off shortly,” says a guy on the PA. For the time being, more Jack White…


6 minutes: Spurs 0 Brentford.

The Brentford supporters still carry a heavy load fifty years later, yelling “Where’s your Harry gone?” with Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. Wissa’s bite forces Romero, who is back on, to turn back toward his goal, and Mbeumo sprints at Vicario, who appears to flap at yet another hurried clearing, gaining distance but lacking direction.


There is still no water, so there is no sanitization. 4 minutes: Brentford 0 Spurs 0. Brentford believes it will be resolved shortly and has informed Sky that they shouldn’t wait any longer.


2 minutes: Spurs 0 Brentford.

Romero and Mbeumo may need medical attention after Vicario, fielding a back pass, rushes a clearance out for a Brentford throw from which Romero nutted Mbeumo’s back of the head as they went up for the ball.


1 minute: Spurs 0 Brentford

In accordance with the agreement made by the Premier League captains meeting to reinstate the gesture at certain intervals throughout the season, some players pray prior to the huddle before all of them kneel.

Kicking off, Brentford attacks towards the direction of the river. Hickey and Wissa of Brentford attempt to push high up the right, but Spurs keep them at arm’s length, forcing them to return in order to continue probing.


The situation appears to be resolved.

So, only a seven minute delay.


Why did they wait so long to tell the referee?

The players’ entry onto the field could have been postponed by eE.


What timeframe does Thames Water have to turn on the supply?

Thames Water is a reliable source of water.

There have been numerous meetings but no fresh developments.


Kickoff will be postponed.

There is an issue with the water supply, which obviously has an impact on fire safety, cleanliness, and safety procedures.


Both Brentford and Tottenham, dressed in red and white, are brought out.


There is a nine, but there is no 10.

In 44 times as a put-and-go striker for Brazil, Richarlison has scored 20 goals.

Richarlison is prepared to be Tottenham’s offensive captain. JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images


Speaking is Ange Postecoglou

It has been a busy few days. We have our first Premier League match of the year coming up, and that is what we have been trying to keep our attention on.

We’ve been playing differently during preseason, so everything is a little new. As a team, we’ll strive to play the way we want to when we take the field.

Sonny is a fantastic football player and a good team builder. You want a candidate for a leadership position whose actions align with your ideals. He hails from Tottenham.


A new regular on Sky is Daniel Sturridge.

He also claims that Bryan Mbeumo is “prone to making defenders do the stanky leg” (I’m not sure if you are familiar with this term). We don’t know Daniel, and his demonstration—a kind of unsuccessful attempt to drag the ball on stiff-legged stilts—doesn’t fully inform us.


Son talks

Even if we lost one of the finest attackers in the world, we have a capable replacement. On the field, I can’t wait to play with Richie. Given how many goals “Aitch” scored, everyone must own responsibility.

[Ange] has done a great job. His preferred style of play is pretty cool and similar to mine. The first game will be really challenging, but we’re going to to fight.


Your groups in monochrome


Bees introduce two newcomers

Messrs. Collins and Flekken:


Spurs welcome four debutants

Mr. Vicario; Mr. Maddison; Mr. Udogie; and Mr. Van de Ven


Friend, please close your eyes.

Tottenham Hotspur with the subject “The King is dead, long live the King,” as required by the sportswriter’s responsibility to cliché. But enough already about Pontus Jansson.

It is simple to forget that Brentford ended only one point and one position below Tottenham because the attention during the preseason has been all on Tottenham and a particular England captain. They brought in Mark Flekken to start in place of the departing David Raya, replaced their Swedish captain, who had returned to his beloved Malmo, with Nathan Collins, turned Kevin Schade’s loan agreement into a long-term purchase, and will entrust him to assist Bryan Mbeumo and Yoane Wissa in filling the Ivan Toney-shaped hole in their attack.

Outside of the top five teams from the previous season, Spurs could not have had a more tough start: Brentford, who only lost two league home games in the previous campaign, defeated Spurs 3-1 in the match that preceded the season 2022–23, and makes life extremely difficult for all visitors with their stadium wigging out to Hey Jude.

If you hadn’t heard, Totenham is coming with a new manager, a new captain, and a new expectation for Richarlison to lead the line. Ange Postecoglou is an excellent coach who directs his side to play fast-paced, attractive offensive football. Since Christian Eriksen was traded, they have been without James Maddison. From my two brief viewings, Mick van de Ven appears to be quite reliable, and Alejo Veliz is the kind of shrewd acquisition Man City would make before selling him for £45 million.

Even though you’re depressed, there are many more causes to smile, including but not limited to: [1] Antonio Conte is no longer the manager, therefore there is no need for constant dispute and blame-casting, which makes you feel as though your heart and head are about to explode. [2] Due to Spurs’ acquisition of so many trophies during the following ten years and their sale of Glenn Hoddle in 1987, people now frequently inquire, “Glenn who?”This might not be entirely accurate.



Postecoglou: I’m done with Fantasy Football; it’s real now.

From John Derek

Ange Postecoglou, who was born in a suburb of Athens, first moved to Australia as a young child. He later spent time in Scotland, Japan, and Australia before making his way to England.

When Postecoglou realized he could no longer play Premier League Fantasy Football, which had been his connection to England’s top division since watching Match of the Day and reading out-of-date periodicals in the 1970s, the reality of his success hit home.

The late 1970s are in question. In Australia, I was raised. Information wasn’t easily accessible; you couldn’t merely browse the internet to find it. Three-month-old Shoot magazines, Roy of the Rovers, or Match magazines made up my kind of library, and I still have them someplace at home, according to Postecoglou.

“Since they would go by ship, they were three months old. I would simply read them in excess, page by page.That early infatuation served me well since I now have the same level of affection for the game as I did when I was a child. I’m still curious to learn all there is to know.On a Monday night, we watched Match of the Day. Then, on a Saturday, it was Brian Moore after Jimmy Hill.

For the first time in about 20 years, I am devastated to have to leave my friend’s Fantasy Premier League squad.because I am the manager of the Premier League. You’re all set. It is no longer a fantasy.


Postecoglou: We don’t need Gucci.

From John Derek

Ange In an effort to fill the void left by Harry Kane’s departure for Bayern Munich, Postecoglou thinks Tottenham would stick to the high street and avoid buying at Gucci.

Son Heung-min has been appointed as Kane’s replacement as captain, and Spurs now have the difficult challenge of replacing the forward, who amassed 280 goals for the club overall and 30 Premier League goals last season.

Postecoglou argues that the team won’t look for a comparable successor and that Kane’s exit won’t cause the team to reevaluate its recruitment approach.

When asked if Kane’s potential £120 million fee allowed him to pursue a different market, Postecoglou emphasized that he is not about to develop a taste for upscale retail. You mention Gucci. What you are discussing escapes me. Prior to his Premier League debut against Brentford, Postecoglou made light of his wife’s advice that such items are normally one-of-a-kind and that attempting to obtain the identical item usually results in a fake imitation.

 “Nothing has changed for us with Harry. Not that Harry has left and we need to go find a replacement. We have long known this. The work we’ve already completed was in anticipation of Harry leaving. We won’t be searching for a No. 9 to take Harry’s spot tomorrow. The approach now in place is not that.But if you get the right guys, I still believe there is value there. You don’t have to constantly spend at the top, in my opinion. Finding the correct fit for your football team is important. James Madison, in my opinion, is an excellent illustration of that.

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