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The Lovebirds Starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae Goes Straight to Netflix

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Kumail Nandziani and Issa Rae’s Love Pigeons miss the theatres and go straight to Netflix. Paramount and the streaming platform have just agreed on the film, which will be released at the 3rd edition. April should be in the theaters. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the closure of film theatres, which is probably the best option for comedy, as we still see studios experimenting with new ways to spread ongoing projects around the world.

Netflix hasn’t announced the date for streaming the Lovebirds yet, but that should happen soon. It is assumed that Netflix will also work with a foreign version, although this has yet to be confirmed. In a comedy directed by Michael Shawalter, the stars Kumayl Nanjiani and Issa Rei experience a crucial moment in their relationship when they are accidentally drawn into the murder mystery. The film was originally scheduled for its premiere at SXSW earlier this month, but the event was cancelled due to the corona virus.

POWERFUL : In the trailer of Lovebird Kumayla Nanjiani and Issa Ray are on the run.

In the coming weeks the favorite pigeons will probably hatch, because more and more people are sitting at home. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily W. Gordon take the pandemic and isolation very seriously, and they want others to do the same. The couple announced the release of a limited weekly podcast entitled Stay with Emily and Cumail. All profits from the new podcast will be donated to charities involved in the coronavirus crisis, including the Disaster Philanthropy Center, Feeding America and the Restaurant Workers Public Foundation. During this period Nangiani has talked a lot on social networks about the possibility to stay in the house. That’s what the couple should have said about the podcast.

Don’t wait for the news of the virus. That’s what real journalists are for. Expect us to talk about the emotional wear and tear of the unprecedented period in which we find ourselves and the number of options we have for eating frozen waffles.

Some of Kumayla Nandziani’s followers disagreed with the actor’s point of view on the coronavirus and social distance, but he doesn’t seem to care because he asks people to change things. This is exactly the opposite of an ant and wasp star Evangelina Lilly, who currently refuses to isolate herself. The actress tries to live a normal life with her family and thinks the pandemic is not as serious as the flu. She’s gotten a pretty heavy blow against social media, but she doesn’t live up to her first statements by a long shot.

It will be difficult for everyone now, and Kumayl Nanjiani knows that. I hope his podcast and home broadcast, The Lovebirds, will help people sit at home and look for things to see and hear. We hope that Netflix will announce the release date of the comedy in the coming days. The deadline was the first to report that the lovebirds had moved to Netflix.

The stakes: Lovebirds, Netflix, Potok.

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