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The Best Movies with Singers in the Lead Role, Ranked – MovieWeb


Actors typically become well-known following a hit film, yet what if you were already well-known when you started acting?
Although it frequently requires years of preparation and countless trials to develop into a good actor, several people are drawn to the form of art as a duck is drawn to water. No matter if they are artists, entertainers, or even singers, some professionals are natural performers who understand how to tackle a part better than anybody else. Given that many artists are accustomed to doing entertaining live sets virtually every night, it seems to reason that they would also excel in a film role. This has been utilized by many filmmakers, and some professionals who began out as singers are now better renowned as actors.
While artists have long tried their chances in movies, not all artists have had the opportunity to experience success. However, some actors who were also musicians and given the chance to act created a lasting impression on the audience. Even though the storyline wasn't very interesting, the amazing musicians took the film on their shoulders and made it worthwhile watching. Let us take a look at a few best films where singers portrayed their leading characters admirably.
A Star is Born seems to be a journey of romance, guidance, and artistic integrity. It deals with selflessness, self-destruction, grief, and aspiration. The film is essentially stunning and moving and features heartfelt storytelling and ground-breaking acting skills by Lady Gaga. Long before A Star Is Born set box office records, Lady Gaga was attempting to break into the acting world. The singer was using music videos to construct lengthy sagas with storylines that got much further than the typical music video. She was even considered for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in A Star Is Born, which contributed to it becoming among the best spinoffs of the 2010s. Surely, it's one of the saddest romantic movies of all time.
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8 Mile, a semi-autobiographical film, refers to Eminem's background and attempts to become a well-known rapper, and it's one of the best hip-hop movies. Eminem's internalized performance as Jimmy does not readily elicit sympathy. He keeps the spectators at a comfortable distance by frequently donning a hood and a cap and always scowling. He cautiously preserved his authority, comparable to the music, which is only intermittently heard for most of the film, so the lens does not idolize him. The story is given an intense sense of reality by Eminem's driven, passionate performance, which deviates only enough from his popular character to avoid sounding too much like him.
House of Gucci centers on Patrizia Reggiani; her former husband, Maurizio Gucci, the household who founded the Gucci premium clothing brand, and a high-profile killing. While the movie teasers could have led one to anticipate a campy, intensely melodramatic, and over-the-top movie, the actual content was a little bit more subdued. The film strives to strike the right balance between being absolutely rooted and somber and being unashamedly camp, clumsily balancing the two. Although she chewed up the landscape, Gaga's performance was mesmerizing and, in certain aspects, House of Gucci's savior. Lady Gaga wore some best outfits in House of Gucci and definitely left an impression on fans.
Zendaya, who began her musical career when she was just 14, has had a lot of chart-topping records, but she's now better recognized for her role as MJ, Peter Parker's love interest, in the Marvel movies. The most impressive of the bunch is Spider-Man: Far From Home, wherein she took the spotlight and had a ton of memorable phrases of her own. The actress-turned-singer has participated in two MCU films and is presently filming the third.
Will Smith set his music career on hold years back to focus solely on his acting career, yet no other film did a better job catapulting the singer into the spotlight like Men In Black. On the big screen, Will Smith's lighthearted snark and Tommy Jones' unflappable expressions worked like a charm. The film has grown into a classic, inspired three successors, and produced numerous subpar knockoffs. Additionally, Smith merged the two mediums by publishing the film's insanely popular theme song.
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Beyoncé has been in a number of significant motion pictures, but Dreamgirls from 2006 is probably the most well-known and beloved by audiences. The movie is a remake of the same-named Broadway production. The musical drama is inspired by the dreams and accomplishments of various singers in the entertainment industry, with a focus on The Supremes. Beyoncé would astound everyone with her exquisitely understated performance, expertly emulating Diana Ross in her artistic endeavors. Due to her performance in the film, Beyoncé was nominated for a Best Actress award.
Jamie Foxx possesses many undeniable abilities since, in addition to being an actor and a musician, he is also a comedian. Foxx, who had a number of albums out in the 2000s and is musically best known for his appearance on Kanye West's Gold Digger, also starred in dramas and action films, but Django Unchained stands out as his best performance. Django is among the top opening credits in a western genre, a stellar ensemble that includes Jamie Foxx, and it is the top-grossing Quentin Tarantino film to date.
Although Selena's brief existence has been condensed into a largely conventional cinematic framework, this does not lessen the morality of the work or her brief, spectacular life. This movie is about aspirations, and it takes the audience within Selena Quintanilla Perez's brief life and her aspirations to become a well-known singer and performer in the United States. Jennifer Lopez's dynamic performance portraying Selena, which perfectly captures the compelling elements of Selena's stage presence and the spirit of her maturation as a blossoming woman, is what renders this movie successful.

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