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Spike in coronavirus infection in South Korea could mean a return to preventive measures

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In Seoul, the capital of South Korea, a wave of new coronavirus infections has broken out. The country plans to restore social distance standards. She was incarcerated for almost two months and saw a gradual decrease in infections. This has led to the assumption that lightning is under control. However, this was a misinterpretation of the facts, and the wave went into shock. Seoul is trying to bring back the strict standards. It has left public open spaces such as museums, parks and art galleries, but it will close them for another two weeks. Companies need to return to flexible working hours.

These are the instructions of the Minister of Health Park Eun-hu. He also suggested that residents should try to avoid unnecessary meetings. He said: Infection pathways are becoming increasingly diverse in jobs, overcrowded schools and urban karaoke areas.

According to the Guardian, the revised blockade will remain in force until day 14. June in effect. This also applies to the area around Greater Seoul, where half the population of Seoul lives.

Precautions include avoiding public gatherings and crowded places. Those responsible for religious programmes should pay particular attention to quarantine measures. The next two weeks are crucial, and if the rise continues, we have no choice but to bridge the social distance again.

Coronavirus and its complications

The pandemic originated in China and spread too far around the world. It is highly contagious and scientists are trying to develop a vaccine. Until this happens, people should avoid physical contact with strangers. This includes actions such as a handshake or a hug.

This has led to new concepts such as social distance, working with local culture, online education, etc. In fact, the country reported 20. January’s first case. It responded to the pandemic with a combination of testing and strict surveillance rather than blocking it. It helped contain the disease.

South Korea reports the highest number of cases of the coronavirus in more than 50 days, which could reverse some of its hard-won conquests. Health professionals warn that it is becoming increasingly difficult to trace the recurrence of the disease, as well as the need for social distance and other measures. https://t.co/qxN4dpgu3J.

– Associated press (@AP) 28. May 2020.

The Guardian reports that South Korea will be the first country in the world to be granted the right to vote on 6 March. The month of May lifted the restrictions throughout the country.

However, 79 new infections were reported, mostly from the Seoul area. It is difficult for health authorities to trace the transmission of new infections. They fear a second wave of infection and warn people to remain vigilant. These jumps highlight the risks inherent in the weakening of social distance in order to stimulate the economies of countries in difficulty. When people congregate in public places, it contributes to the spread of the disease. The problem is to locate the source and follow the possible route.

The world wants to come out of the vice of coronavirus.

According to News 18, the coronavirus has caused serious casualties and some parts of the world are planning to receive tourists again.

The economy of many of these countries depends on travel and tourism. The beaches of the Mediterranean and the casinos of Las Vegas are examples of this. South Korea also had similar ideas, but had to postpone them. This is due to a sudden increase in infections and the authorities can revive the days of social exclusion. Millions of children have returned to school and the new infections are a concern for everyone who cares for the children and their education. Another reason for this sudden growth could be the acquisition of popular outlets such as nightclubs, karaoke halls, with the exception of the e-commerce warehouse. Seoul and some nearby towns have had to close the places where people like to gather.

Coronavirus has upset the balance in society

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have shunned cinemas and entertainment venues and even sports venues. The coronavirus forced Disney to close its theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando. However, it is necessary to have access to some form of relaxation. In this respect, the digital world is the means to save young people in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The United States is using the coronavirus as a pretext to expand border controls and travel restrictions.

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