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Snowpiercer Production Designer Barry Robison Talks The Youth in Revolt Series: Horror’s Deadliest Teens from ‘Becky’ to ‘Tragagedy Girls’

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Teenagers often tend to be in the middle of the horror. Films have long explored puberty, self-identification, hormones and the troubled waters of high school through the prism of horror, using masked maniacs, samples and known sexual characteristics to accentuate the horror of adolescence. Whatever the genre and character, these films bring young people to the breaking point. When they’ve had enough, they get up dead.

The next horror film for teenagers is Becky, the latest film by Kutis Jonathan Milota and Cary Mernion, in which John Wick meets Hannah as a teenager. Becky’s star Lulu Wilson (Annabelle: Creation, The Haunting of Hill House) is a teenage girl with the same name and a high average life expectancy. His book is written by Nick Morris, Ruccus Sky and Lane Sky. When a weekend at the family home by the lake with Father Jeff (Joel McHale) is interrupted by the arrival of escaped prisoners led by the neo-Nazi Dominic (Kevin James), visceral violence occurs with alarming ease. As with the MPAA, the MPAA first rated this NC-17 film for violence and grief and then edited it as an R-rated film before release.

Becky’s on 5th. June digital and on-demand in the cinema, and in preparation for the brutal violence of this unscrupulous teenager, we look at some of the most deadly teenagers of terror.

Becky – Becky 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

Like most teenagers, Becky (Lulu Wilson) is a rebellious teenager who tests the limits of independence against a background of hormonal changes. This rebellious tendency goes hand in hand with traditional adolescent anger and anger, but is exacerbated by serious personal loss. In other words: Becky’s a vengeful teenager who wants to let go of her anger. After a group of escaped prisoners arrived at her family’s convalescent home and disturbed Becca’s last courtesy, they paid with blood, guts and death. Anger is somehow healthy during adolescence, but Becky is no ordinary teenager.

Blue Ribbon Students – Fears. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

By proving that it is best to let teenagers go through the inner turmoil associated with aging, Disturbing Behavior shows how awful it can be when adults try to change the uncontrollable behavior of adolescents. Dr. Edgar Caldicott, a school psychologist, organizes a unique school program that reprogrammes his Blue Ribbon students into exemplary citizens. The only problem is that it makes them dangerously aggressive at best and violent at worst.

J.D. Dean and Veronica Sawyer are Heathers. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

This genre, bordering on black comedy, is dealt a deadly blow thanks to a young master, JD. New in town, he scared the Heather clique’s only joke, Veronica, and made her unconsciously complicit in the murder. Changing the status quo in the school hierarchy has never been more attractive, delicate and deadly. J.D. playing around with his murder, which would be cold and humorless.

Mitsuko Suma and Kazuo Kiriyama – Royal Warfare 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

Thanks to the government-sanctioned Japanese law on the control of troubled youth, class 3-B was selected for the annual Battle Royale. Students land on a remote island, receive supplies and have three days to score points until a winner appears. Those who refuse to cooperate blow up their collars. If they are forced to kill their classmates in an attempt to survive, it leads to a massacre. A large percentage of the 3-B class become cold-blooded killers, but psychopaths Mitsuko Suma and Kazuo Kiriyama are ruthless in their approach to the murder. This couple often collects the bodies separately, making them the deadliest in their class.

Carrie White for Carrie. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

Poor Carrie White. The broken woman, who became a religious fanatic for her mother, led to a deeply rooted upbringing that could not prepare this teenage girl for the atrocities of high school. Afraid at home and at school, Carrie’s evolving telekinetic powers finally gave her the strength to find her voice. That was before she went too far. In her own story, Carrie White has transformed herself from a sensitive teenager into a monster, with the furious destruction of those present at her prom.

Billy Loomis and Stu Maher – Creek. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.png

Starting with Casey and her boyfriend Steve, who brutally stripped teenagers, Billy and Stu took turns driving to school, wearing spooky masks and cheating on Sydney Prescott’s father in taking responsibility. What for? Because Billy has a strong dislike for Sydney’s mother who left him. Stu’s pattern is less emotional and much colder – peer pressure. The blood flows freely when these two young people are there; they have found an unhealthy mechanism to overcome their anger through murder.

Jennifer’s control. Jennifer’s body. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

Needy’s relationship with his best friend Jennifer is a turning point. Finding independence from Jennifer’s shadow is hard for any teenager. It becomes even more difficult when Jennifer is used as a pawn for the unfortunate victim of the fame of a group of beginners. She turns Jennifer into a boy-eating demon who cruelly devours the teenagers in her class. That’s what you need most: Hell is a teenage girl. In Jennifer’s case, that means literally.

Ami Huga is a motorfitter. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

After a group of hooligans killed her brother and his girlfriend, teenager Ami panicked. The first attempt at revenge leaves her without a hand, but fortunately a good mechanic equips her with a multi-barrel machine gun prosthesis. The attempt at revenge becomes a massacre on a large scale. From the distorted consciousness of writer/director Noboru Iguchi (Dead Sushi, Robo Geisha), it is a splash of flips. This means that grief and violence are exaggerated. This time we’re fighting for a deadly teenager.

Lola Stone – Favorites. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

What Lola wants, Lola gets. What she wants in Sean Byrnes’ brutal act is a date to the ball, and she can’t handle rejection well. Fearing his father’s death, Brent stands apart from the world and thinks of suicide. That changes when Lola’s polite refusal to ask him to prom leads her father to kidnap him and make Brent love him. Like Lola, she injects bleach into Brent’s larynx, nails his feet to the ground with knives and tortures him to death. The fact is, this isn’t exactly Lola’s first rejection brush; she’s collected a shocking number of captured funnel boys.

McKayla Cooper and Sadie Cunningham are tragic girls. 'Becky'-to'Tragedy.jpg

McKayla and Sadie were best friends from an early age and were closely linked by their obsession with death. Or, more specifically, with the murder. These teenagers want to be notorious serial killers in the age of social media, killing for sympathy, surveillance and retweets. They even kidnap a real serial killer in the hope that he’ll teach them the work. Turns out McKayla and Sadie are doing well on their own in Homicide. Those bustling cheerleaders kill with staggering ease.

Becky’s in the fifth. June 2020 is fully in line with the most murderous teenagers of horror in drive-in theaters, digital and VOD.

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