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Reviewed by: Barsha

Whether you love her or hate her, or maybe you have forgotten about her, you cannot deny the fact at one time in her career, actress Lindsay Lohan was the biggest thing Hollywood, which is in of itself a commendable feat to achieve. Therefore, while she may be a controversial figure today, there are still people who fondly remember her good old days in the industry.
Of course, her contributions to the industry or her actions are not always looked upon with good things to say about them, which results in there being people saying negative things about her. This time, it was a very famous celebrity who talked about the actress and addressed her with some very mean words because of a past feud.
Becoming a child actor at an early age and finding fame and recognition in her teen years in the film industry has been quite the journey for Lindsay Lohan in her career in the business after her breakthrough role in 1998’s The Parent Trap. And as for her most famous role, 2004’s teen/comedy Mean Girls is what is considered to be the highlight of her career by her fans. But these are not all the things that she’s famous for, in fact, from 2006 to 2008, she was also famous for having some serious beef with Paris Hilton, one of the biggest models and businesswomen in the world.
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In a past episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohenthe Bottoms Up star was in conversation with the host, who gave her the task of saying three good things about Lohan, whom she had some bad blood with in the past. While she may have been taking this as a joke and getting a good laugh out of this, she did hesitate to say anything nice about her old friend and rival, and when she did, all she had to say was that Lohan was lame and embarrassing. She said:
“She is… beyond, lame and embarrasing”
Looking back at their past, it’s quite easy to see why the actress would not have anything good to say about Lohan at all.
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The infamous feud between the two stars began when they were seen having a verbal disagreement in Los Angeles’ Hyde Nightclub in 2006. There have been reports that suggest that their argument began due to the fact that Lohan was involved with Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos at that time.
Since then, they had both been seen calling each other out through verbal insults and jabs on several different occasions. One time, the Freaky Friday star was allegedly seen calling Hilton a cu*t on camera, something that she denies while also calling her a friend.
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Source: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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