Home Blog Rising Ramaswamy: A Blend of Trump & Obama in the Indian-American Sparking US Presidential Race

Rising Ramaswamy: A Blend of Trump & Obama in the Indian-American Sparking US Presidential Race

Rising Ramaswamy: A Blend of Trump & Obama in the Indian-American Sparking US Presidential Race

Elon Musk’s Support for Vivek Ramaswamy’s Run for President: Endorsements, Insights

  1. Let’s talk about the US presidential race – Vivek Ramaswamy, who’s of Indian American descent, is running for President. He’s gotten some notable endorsements just before the big GOP presidential debate next week.
  2. Tucker Carlson, a well-known commentator, had some nice things to say about Rama. He called him a really knowledgeable voice in policy, especially after being impressed by his thoughts on global politics during a recent interview.
  3. You won’t believe it – even Elon Musk is on board! He gave a nod to the interview by sharing it on his platform and even referred to Ramas as a “very promising candidate.” It’s interesting that Musk had supported DeSantis before this.

Ramaswamy’s candid discussion with Tucker Carlson about 9/11, transparency, and trust is titled “Unveiling Truths.”

  1. He sat down with Tucker Carlson on August 18 and they got into some hot topics. They talked about the 9/11 attacks, government transparency, and the decreasing trust people have in the government.
  2. Ramaswamy didn’t hold back – he stood his ground and said that government agencies weren’t being completely honest about what went down during 9/11. He wasn’t a fan of the idea that people can’t handle the truth and stressed how crucial open communication is.
  3. In clear words, Ramaswamy stated that the government lied to us. He wasn’t holding back when he accused the 9/11 Commission and the FBI of not being truthful. But he also made it clear that his campaign isn’t solely about this point. He faced criticism from both sides for this, even though he’s usually associated with conservative beliefs.
  4. He brought up an interesting twist – the 9/11 commission initially made people think that one of the main players met the terrorists (who were Saudi Intelligence agents) by chance at the LA airport and then took them home.
  5. Get this, the truth came out when classified documents were uncovered. It turns out, those guys were actually Saudi Intelligence operatives. Families of 9/11 victims are even suing the Saudi government for accountability and answers.

“Unraveling the Job Paradox: Ramaswamy’s Take on Employment, Skills, and Economic Dynamics”

  1. Ramaswamy had a strong point – he wasn’t flat-out saying the official 9/11 account is false. He believed that if he answered honestly based on facts, he wouldn’t have faced backlash if he was just spewing falsehoods. He noted that speaking uncomfortable truths gets the immune response, while lying often goes unpunished.
  2. He’s had enough of the half-truths – Ramaswamy believes we’re living in a time where the government and the establishment believe that we, the citizens, can’t handle the truth. He wants the real, hard truth, no matter what it is.
  3. On to economics – Ramaswamy also shared his thoughts on the economy. He thinks the US should put its energy into creating a positive impact worldwide without causing destruction. He’s worried about a big economic downturn in 2024 and outlined factors that could flip the situation.
  4. Here’s a bit of economic jargon – we’re in a place where short-term bonds give better returns than long-term ones. This situation has historically led to recessions. Ramaswamy isn’t too keen on the idea that this is the calm before a storm.
  5. Ramaswamy made an important observation – there are more job openings than people looking for jobs. He thinks it’s a serious structural issue, with people choosing to stay home rather than work. Lack of skills and high costs are also contributing to this scenario.
  6. Structural issues abound in the US economy – Ramaswamy isn’t a fan of how people have deep distrust in institutions like the government. But he’s also hopeful that these challenges could lead to something positive, considering there’s an upcoming recession.

“Decoding the Economy with Ramaswamy: Short-Term Bonds, Recession Risks, and the Quest for Positive Change”

  1. Now, onto international matters – Ramaswamy weighed in on the Russia-Ukraine situation. He found it fascinating how the same consensus that kept us in the dark about 9/11 is now influencing our view on Ukraine.
  2. Ramaswamy has his feet on solid ground – he believes in speaking the truth based on facts, not just reacting emotionally. He noticed that except for Trump, most of the Republican candidates lack a principled stance on Ukraine due to external pressures.
  3. It’s a mixed bag – some candidates are all for speaking up on Ukraine, while others believe the current US approach is the way to go. Ramaswamy isn’t too thrilled about the idea of going after an enemy that doesn’t exist anymore, especially if it’s causing tensions.
  4. Ramaswamy has a unique perspective – he thinks the US doesn’t really have a solid national interest in Ukraine. He pointed out that while we love debating the 1994 Budapest Memo, other commitments are conveniently ignored. He believes we’re inadvertently strengthening the Russia-China alliance by arming Ukraine.
  5. Let’s talk about the US and India – Ramaswamy believes the US needs a president with a name like Ramaswamy to rebuild trust with India. He’s all about reshaping alliances and relationships for the better.
  6. Ramaswamy’s candidacy is about more than just politics – he wants to restore fairness and reduce dependence on China while focusing on medical advancements and improving healthcare.
  7. Ramaswamy, the political newcomer, is climbing the polls. According to national averages, Trump has the lion’s share of support, DeSantis is trailing behind, and Ramaswamy is holding steady in third place.

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