Home Blog Pat Sajak makes abrupt retirement joke on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune before mocking A-lister over poor… – The US Sun

Pat Sajak makes abrupt retirement joke on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune before mocking A-lister over poor… – The US Sun


PAT Sajak has added some spice to Celebrity Wheel of Fortune's season premiere with a surprising retirement joke.
Ted Lasso's Brendan Hunt won the episode while Pat, 76, shaded Melissa Villasendor over her rough go.
Pat took the stage with a gorgeous-looking Vanna White, sparkling in blue.
The Wheel of Fortune episode marked the start of the weekly Celebrity special airing every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET -Pat's last time doing it.
The celebrity contestants for the premiere were Brendan, Melissa and Joe Buck (who also guest-hosted Jeopardy!).
Pat interviewed Brendan and asked: “Everybody wants to know, Ted Lasso has run its course, everybody wants to know, what’s next for you?”
He replied: “Golly, I really should figure out a next thing."
Pat quipped: “Yeah, you and me both!” 
SNL alum Melissa had a rough game with $0 while Joe wound up with $5000 and Brendan $34000 by the first half.
Pat joked: “Nobody out of this yet, believe it or not.”
Melissa also rang in on a puzzle despite Brendan ringing in first to which the crowd got upset.
Pat walked over to Melissa and snarked: “He’s doing well enough without you giving him anything.”
"Sorry!" she pleaded.
Brendan wound up with $56K in the first round and got the bonus puzzle correct getting him an extra $100K (for charity) per the prize card.
Confetti burst as a surprised Pat said: “What the heck is that!?” 
Brendan won the second round as well with a giant $228K before the bonus round.
Meanwhile, Vanna had a big win last week as she finally got execs to extend her contract on September 20 after months of salary battles.
Her contract runs through the 2026 season and will see her continue on the beloved game show for at least two years with Pat's successor Ryan Seacrest.
Vanna – who makes $3million a season – had reportedly been seeking a raise from the show’s producers, claiming that she only received bonuses for the last 18 years.
She reportedly lawyered up and asked for half of current host Pat Sajak’s $15million yearly salary.
According to TMZ, White got a “substantial pay increase” with the deal, though the exact figure is undisclosed.
Ryan will take over for Pat after his astounding 40 years of hosting at the end of the current season in June 2024.



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