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Meghan Markle's unexpected nod to Kate Middleton in latest post-royal voice over job – The Mirror


In Meghan Markle’s latest appearance for Fisher House Foundation, her familiar outfit could be some kind of message to her estranged sister-in-law Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle recently appeared in a video for the Fisher House Foundation and her outfit has people wondering if she was trying to send a message to her sister-in-law.
The Duchess of Sussex narrated the video for the organisation and highlighted the work they've done to provide housing opportunities for military families. The Fisher House Foundation has also been a long time supporter of the Invictus Games, created by Meghan's husband Prince Harry.
In the video, Meghan meets with families, hugging them warmly as she listened to their stories. And while fans loved the emotional clip, they were also very interested in her outfit. Meghan appears in the video wearing a Ralph Lauren white and blue striped long-sleeved shirt. At first glance it doesn't seem like much, but it's the same shirt she was photographed in while attending Wimbledon with Princess Kate.
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The two royal women attended the world-famous tennis tournament together in 2018 and was their first public outing without their husbands in tow. The duo watched Serena Williams play, who's a close friend of Meghan's and attended her wedding.
Meghan hasn't commented on the shirt, but she could reportedly have worn it in such a public video as a way to reach out to Kate and remind her of happier times. The two have been estranged since Meghan and Harry left royal duties in 2020, and especially after the release of Harry's memoir.
In the video, which was premiered at an Invictus event on Monday, Meghan says: "What does recovery mean to you? For some, it means reclaiming their narrative, revolutionising your mindset. It's a change that's not only physical, it's mental, emotional, social," her voiceover says in the video.
"The Invictus Games show that this growth is about more than what meets the eye. The spouse coordinating doctor visits, the children celebrating milestones. The mother, father, fellow veteran, the friend. There is a community near and far, surrounding servicemen and women when they deploy and long after they come home," she continues.
"Healing does not happen alone, it takes a village. And is for the village. And one of the most essential parts of the process is having people surround you who understand. To grow as one unit, to achieve limitless potential," the voiceover finishes, "To remind us above all else, in this international family no one gets left behind. Because this is Invictus, we are Invictus together."
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