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Meghan Markle 'thrilled' to be on the verge of landing first major deal since Spotify axe – The Mirror


Meghan Markle is said to be thrilled to be on the verge of landing her first major deal – that could be followed by a huge payout – since her Spotify Archetypes axe
Meghan Markle is on the verge of landing her first major deal since her Spotify axe.
Meghan officially abandoned her Archetypes podcast after the £18million Spotify deal she and Prince Harry had collapsed. In the award-winning series, Meghan sat down for personal interviews with artists, athletes, and experts discussing the history of stereotypes against women.
In June, the end of the couple’s partnership was first confirmed in a statement from Archewell Audio and Spotify. “Spotify and Archewell Audio have mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together,” the statement read.
Under the terms of the 2020 deal, Harry and Meghan were signed on to produce and host “programming that uplifts and entertains audiences around the world” in the form of podcasts that championed diverse voices. However during the Spotify partnership, Meghan only delivered 12 episodes.
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After their deal collapsed, the Sussexes attempted to gain exclusive copyright ownership of the name "Archetype". But after numerous requests, the couple were denied permission from the US Patent and Trademark Office as the title had a "likelihood of confusion" with another existing brand.
Now sources have revealed that Meghan has a new deal on the way with Audible, which is "make or break for her Hollywood dream." They told Closer: "Word of mouth is spreading that it will lead to a huge pay out – even bigger than the millions Spotify splashed out – and Meghan is thrilled that she'll be in the company of Michelle and Barack Obama (who signed a multi-year contract with Audible last year].
"Meghan seems very confident at the moment but the reality is that she's been in a pretty desperate spot. Losing the Spotify deal was a massive blow to the, not to mention her ego. She's been pretty lost since but this deal could turn everything around.
"Meghan knows her new deal with Audible could be make or break for her Hollywood dream. She feels ready but that doesn't mean this isn't seriously daunting," the source added. "She hardly sleeps thanks to the pressure of it all, but knows that the pressure will only get worse is she lands the deal – it will be make or break.
"Hollywood's power brokers will be aware of just how they fumble on the Spotify deal, so they fear that getting dropped twice would be the end of their brand, as nobody would trust they could delver the content. The stales are extremely high."
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