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'Masked Singer' recap: This (unmasked) celeb seriously confused … – USA TODAY


Spoiler alert! This story contains details from “The Masked Singer” Season 1, Episode 4, including the identity of the eliminated celebrity. 
Another masked singer bites the dust. 
Five competitors – Poodle, Rabbit, Alien, Raven and Bee – hit the stage Wednesday with their clues as the judges tried to guess “The Masked Singer.”
First up was Rabbit. The singer hinted that he “found safety in a group,” prompting the judges to think he’s in a boy band. He further stoked those inclinations by displaying strong vocals during his performance of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” Nicole Scherzinger guessed “one of the ‘N Sync boys,” pinpointing member J.C. Chasez. Robin Thicke picked Joey Fatone, adding that it may be a country singer because of his “Southern twang.”
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Alien took the competition to the new heights with her playful performance of The Cardigans’ “Lovefool.” She hinted at her “family’s name” and that people “may think I’m out of fashion,” leaving the judges thinking she’s a model. Thicke guessed Bella Hadid or Paris Hilton, while Jenny McCarthy disagreed that Hilton could “move like that.” Scherzinger has a hunch she’s a member of Fifth Harmony after the singer said she’s a “quadruple threat” that has “recorded many things.” Ken Jeong’s final guess: Paula Abdul.
Next up was Raven. The mysterious singer sent the judges gaga with her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and equally compelling story. She revealed that she cried “tears of love in the Hudson River” and that a man took her away from her flock. Scherzinger made a literal guess that Raven is Raven-Symoné, while McCarthy seemed very confident that it’s talk show host Sherri Shepherd.
The judges tried to make heads or tails of the Poodle. She swung onto the stage with a performance of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Thicke guessed Judge Judy after the Poodle dropped hints about “justice” and “verdict,” while McCarthy leaned toward Kathy Griffin once the masked singer revealed she’s “been fired multiple times.” Jeong added it may be ousted White House employee Omarosa Manigault Newman.
Bee brought the heat with a performance of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven.” The judges agreed the masked singer is a professional, and her notes may have given her away. “I recognize that vibrato,” Thicke said mid-song. “That vibrato is the most famous … of all time.” He guessed Gladys Knight and McCarthy agreed. Jeong, however, has a hunch it’s Diana Ross. 
In the end, Poodle got the lowest number of votes from fans and had to unmask. McCarthy and Jeong both picked comedians as their final answers, but guessed the wrong ones. Turns out, it was comedian Margaret Cho.
Surprisingly, Jeong wasn’t able to identify his co-star from former ABC sitcom “Dr. Ken.”  “Ken, I thought you would know,” Cho teased after unmasking. He responded, “She was my sister on ‘Dr. Ken.’ … I am so dumb.”
Jeong added, “She is the reason I am a comedian now.”
Cho joins unmasked singers former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw (Deer), comedian Tommy Chong (Pineapple) and NFL player Antonio Brown (Hippo). Four down, eight to go.
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