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Man, woman test positive, isolated in Himachal’s Kangra hospital

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Published : 21. March 2020 9:50:18

Coronavirus, Coronavirus India, coronavirus cases in India, coronavirus deaths, Indian news, Indian Express Railway officials said that all trains on the Kalka Shimla line will be closed from Saturday until further notice. (photo)

HIMACHAL PRADESH reported the first two cases of KOVID-19 on Friday after a 32-year-old man and a 63-year-old woman had been tested for the virus at a detention centre in Kangre with positive results.

In the first phase they were found positive, but this should be confirmed by the National Institute of Virology in Pune, said Dr Sonam Negi, state inspector for infectious disease surveillance, adding that one patient had recently returned from Abu Dhabi and another from Singapore. They are currently isolated in the medical school of Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s government in Tanda.

Kangra Rakesh Prajapati’s agent said that the two patients were forcibly isolated on Wednesday after the district authorities learned they had traveled to high-risk countries. We are now trying to locate anyone who may have had contact with them and we are working on quarantining their relatives and neighbors, he added.

The results of the three other samples are awaited by the health authorities, while nine samples from the State have so far been negative.

Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur said Friday that interstate bus traffic has been reduced to 10 percent and that buses will now only go to places like Delhi, Chandigarh and Haridwar. Domestic traffic on HRCP and private buses will be reduced by 50% and no bus will be able to carry more than 70% of passengers.

Officials said there will be no buses in the state on Sunday because of the curfew in Janata. In addition, the entire transport of the intergovernmental contract was suspended from Friday until further orders are placed.

Railway officials said all trains on the Kalka-Shimla line have been suspended from Saturday until further notice.

The Government has also decided to postpone the payment date for several utilities such as electricity and water to a later date without additional payments.

Curfew according to Janat

The government called on residents to respect the curfew through all types of media and asked various associations (Beopar public associations, public associations, hotel associations, etc.), political parties and local institutions (panchayats, Mahila Mandals) to spread the idea in their respective regions.

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