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Maine's Stephen King Is 44th Richest Celebrity in the World. What's … – 92moose.fm


Maine's very own Stephen King is undoubtedly the master of thrills and the man behind all the coffee spills, is a name we all recognize. With his chilling novels and unforgettable horror films, he's created a legacy that we all know and hold dear.
The influence this man has had on the film industry is amazing.
Some of the best movies that he's inspired in my opinion are the classics, like "The Shining," "Misery," "The Shawshank Redemption," "Stand by Me," and "Carrie."
Those films have such a cult following and left a massive mark on popular culture.
Because of his extensive catalog, he's made a ton of money. Yeah, he's rich. He's got that dough, honey.
According to the FW, Stephen has made the list of the richest celebs in the industry. Alongside people like Robert De Niro and Mick Jagger, King is the 44th person on the list.
$500 million is the undisputed king of horror's net worth, according to the FW.
The article goes on to say that he has put out more than 60 novels, selling hundreds of millions of copies.
And because a ton of his books have made the leap onto the silver screen, that has resulted in huge films and big paychecks!
And let's not forget, there are other Mainers who've raked in millions for net worth.
Take Susan Sarandon, for instance, with a massive $60 million to her name, as reported by Money Inc.
And then there's Kurt Russell, who is holding onto a whopping net worth of $100 million. These Mainers have definitely made their mark in the world of wealth!
Take a look at King and the top number of richest celebrities in the world below.

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