Home Blog Live’s Kelly Ripa repeatedly hits Mark Consuelos after show’s celebrity guest stirs up couple’s past marit… – The US Sun

Live’s Kelly Ripa repeatedly hits Mark Consuelos after show’s celebrity guest stirs up couple’s past marit… – The US Sun


KELLY Ripa has repeatedly hit her husband Mark Consuelos live on-air after their guest brought up their past marital problems.
Country music star Jessie James Decker, 35, was interviewed on Wednesday's episode of Live With Kelly and Mark.
Kelly, 53, and Mark, 52, took to the kitchen to speak with Jessie as she went on the show to promote her new cookbook, Just Eat.
As the music star walked on stage, she flaunted her baby bump underneath a long-sleeved flowy top.
She is pregnant with her fourth child with her husband, Eric.
Kelly brought up that Jessie was expecting then turned to hit Mark four times.
"Remember when we talked about baby number four 30 years ago?
"Yes," Mark exclaimed, "I wanted one you got three."
Jessie then asked: "Well, why didn't you?"
"Well, talk to him," Kelly said, pointing at her Hollywood actor husband.
Jessie quickly changed the subject by exclaiming how excited she was to meet the US daytime TV show hosts.
On Tuesday's episode of Live, Kelly and Mark began the episode by discussing a variety of topics.
As Mark was ending the segment, Kelly interrupted him by asking if she should wait to share her mystery announcement.
Looking over at their producer, she said: "Alright. I'll save my thing for tomorrow."
"You're saving this?" Mark asked, pointing to her paper.
"It's definitive," Kelly said. "I've got definitive news, but you're going to have to wait until tomorrow."
"Wait, I like this. I like this," Mark said.
Kelly shook her head and told him no.
"I've got opinions about this," her husband told her.
"Well, you're going to have to save them for tomorrow," the mother of three said.
"Too bad. Tough. Get over it."
The couple forgot about the special announcement as they continued to the Stump Mark segment.
Kelly recently opened up about her future in a segment of her podcast, Let's Talk Off Camera, with her special guest Ryan Seacrest, 48.
During the show, Kelly wanted to know all about Ryan's next steps after stepping down as her co-host – including his newest gig as host of Wheel of Fortune.
She then asked Ryan if he'd considered pulling back from his multiple jobs and retiring.
"Do you ever contemplate retiring? Because I contemplate it constantly," Kelly admitted.
The American Idol host replied by turning the tables on his ex-colleague and asking her the same question.
"I know you do. And where are you on that? How's that going?" Ryan inquired.
Without hesitation, Kelly responded: "I'm so close," and laughed at her blunt confession.



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