Home sports Lionel Messi scores in a thrashing to secure a Leagues Cup semifinal win for Inter Miami against Charlotte FC.

Lionel Messi scores in a thrashing to secure a Leagues Cup semifinal win for Inter Miami against Charlotte FC.

Lionel Messi scores in a thrashing to secure a Leagues Cup semifinal win for Inter Miami against Charlotte FC.

Lionel Messi refused to take a night off after scoring seven goals in his first four games for Inter Miami. Messi added the final touch with another goal in a 4-0 rout of Charlotte FC despite the fact that Inter Miami already had the match in the bag.

With late victories and equalizers, outrageous free kicks, teammates joining the attack, and electrifying fans, Messi has made an electrifying start to life in the United States. He has shown everyone how much fun it can be to be the greatest player of all time.

As a result of an all-around team effort, the Eastern Conference’s bottom-seeded team advanced to the Leagues Cup playoffs, making Christian Lattanzio and Charlotte the latest MLS squad to succumb to Messi and Inter Miami’s brilliance. They will play the Philadelphia Union, who defeated Queretaro 2-1 thanks to a winner in the 101st minute.

In the first half, Messi was less effective than normal, but it just served to give his teammates more opportunities. With a penalty kick in the 12th minute, Josef Martinez opened the scoring. Robert Taylor added to his own hot streak just before the break to put Inter Miami up 2-0. After Charlotte FC failed to make the necessary adjustments in the second half, Miami went up 3-0 before Messi scored the game-winning goal with three minutes remaining.

The Sporting News provided score updates, analysis, and highlights of the Inter Miami vs. Charlotte FC game live.

With Spiderman as his inspiration, Lionel Messi continued his Marvel goal celebrations against Charlotte FC.

Live results for Inter Miami and CharlotteFinal resultScorers of goals

Miami Inter4 Messi (87′),

Malanda (OG, 78′),

Taylor (32′),

Martinez (12′)

Charlotte FC loses 0 –

Initial lineups:

Inter Miami (4-3-3): Callender (GK),

Yedlin, Kryvtsov,

Miller, Alba (N. Allen, 88′),

Arroyo (Ulloa, 88′),

Busquets, 10.

Messi, 30.

Cremaschi (D. Ruiz, 72′) 16.

Taylor (D. Gomez, 72′),

17. J. Martinez (Campana, 60′).

(4-1-4-1, right to left) Charlotte FC 24. Lindsey, 1 Kahlina (GK), (Cambridge, 84′) 29. Malanda, 34. Privett, and 25. Afful Eight. Westwood 13. Bronico, 15. Bender (Vargas, 67′), 37. Arfield (Agyemang, 46′), 11. Swiderski — 7. Jozwiak (Dejaegere, 46′).

Live commentary, highlights, and updates for Inter Miami vs. Charlotte

FULLTIME: Charlotte FC lost to Inter Miami 4-0.

At halftime, it appeared as though Charlotte FC would find the winning combination, but the game ultimately ends in a rout. Charlotte’s errors were punished on both sides of the field throughout the game, and the visitors in Ft. Lauderdale had no answer for the depth of Inter Miami skill.

Now that Queretaro and Philadelphia Union are deadlocked, Inter Miami lacks a semifinal opponent.

Inter Miami scores in the 87th minute of the second half against Charlotte FC! LIONEL MESSI IS INCLUDED! The No. 1 player sees a speculative ball forward to Leonardo Campana.9 pick up possession on the doorstep. After being initially shut down, he dribbles away and fires centrally to Messi, who gives Inter Miami the game-winning goal! Charlotte FC looked completely defeated, and Inter Miami appeared content to see the game out.

Having appeared in five games, Lionel Messi is currently Inter Miami’s third-highest goal scorer all-time.

81st minute: Inter Miami has a chance! Diego Gomez is very likely to be saved! Gomez has a chance to score when Charlotte FC pushes players forward in an effort to score a consolation goal, but Kristijan  Kahlina barely manages to tip his attempt wide.

Leonardo Campana attempts an acrobatic finish on the recycle at the next corner, but Kahlina successfully intercepts his feeble attempt.

Goal at minute 78! MIAMI INTER! As soon as Charlotte makes a mistake, they pay for it as Inter Miami advances to the semifinals thanks to an own goal! Lionel Messi creates a wonderful opportunity through the middle, and when he feeds Diego Gomez on the left, a sliding Adilson Malanda crosses the ball to Leonardo Campana in front of the goal.

Chance, Charlotte! 77th minute AGYEMANG HAS MISSED, OH NO! The substitute from Charlotte scores with a free header at the far post, but it goes over the crossbar first. Kerwin Vargas crosses beautifully to the right, but Agyemang is unable to find the goal.

We’ve reached the second half of our water break in the 72nd minute. Diego Gomez and David Ruiz replace Benjamin Cremaschi and Robert Taylor as two more replacements for the home team.

Here is a cute side-by-side image of David Beckham and Lionel Scaloni from their playing days and tonight’s game halftime, when they were arm in arm..

69th minute: Inter Miami has a chance! THE DOORSTEP BLOCKS A MESSI SHOT! Andrew Privett blocks the shot after Adilson Malanda briefly touches the ball just before Lionel Messi makes contact at the penalty spot as a result of Robert Taylor’s left-side cutback. Kristijan Kahlina was glued to the spot, so if it had succeeded in getting through, Inter Miami would have scored a third goal.

In the 66th minute, Christian Lattanzio makes another substitution, removing Ben Bender and replacing him with Kerwin Vargas. Bender didn’t have much of an impact, but he was placed in the wrong spot on the wing.

In the 64th minute
, Patrick Agyemang is the target of a massive shirt pull by Kamal Miller. Since joining the team, the 22-year-old Ghanaian has performed well.

Referee Ismael Elfath issues Ashley Westwood the game’s opening caution in the 62nd minute for essentially bear-hug-ing Lionel Messi off the ball.

Leo Campana is substituted for Josef Martinez in the 60th minute by manager Gerardo Martino, who usually makes a change at the hour mark. Martinez seems to be running on empty. Both players are engaged in an intense competition for the role of striker, and neither has truly taken the lead.

Moment 58: Charlotte FC has a chance! Patrick Agyemang, a substitute, now attempts a shot from the top of the penalty area following a turnover, but Drake Callender makes the save! He had plenty of room to shoot that, but he chose the goalkeeper instead!

By far, Charlotte FC’s greatest opportunity of the game is that one! Kamal Miller’s terrible first touch results in a horrible Inter Miami turnover.

Minute 57: Charlotte FC has a chance! Karol Swiderski has had enough of the “no shots” rule and fires from a great distance—possibly 30 yards—and it’s not far away! The net comes close to being in his line of sight, but it misses the top corner. Not far away!

54th minute: Lionel Messi is given a two-on-two opportunity after Robert Taylor completely skins Adilson Malanda, but Messi’s fast return is fed through too much traffic and intercepted.

Lionel Scaloni, Messi’s international head coach, is there at DRV PNK Stadium!

50th minute: Inter Miami has a chance! As Lionel Messi, assisted by Sergio Busquets, surged diagonally across the 18-yard box, the entire DRV PNK Stadium nearly burst into flames. He finally gets a hit toward the end of the run, but the entire time he was well covered by two defenders, and Jaylin Lindsey blocks the shot.

Miami has had the majority of the early possessions, but there isn’t much of a motive to advance. They appear wary.

Kickoff: Charlotte FC head coach Christian Lattanzio makes two halftime substitutions after telling the MLS broadcast that they must simply continue on their current trajectory. Scott Arfield and Kamil Jozwiak are removed, while Patrick Agyemang and Brecht Dejaegere are introduced to the field to start the second half.

It’s unfair to Jozwiak since, despite his defensive effort in containing Lionel Messi, he provided little in the final third, where Charlotte needed an offensive spark to stay in the game.

Inter Miami leads Charlotte FC 2-0 at halftime.

Charlotte FC performed admirably over those 45 minutes, yet they ended up losing two. Due to their relatively weak offensive threat, two defensive blunders have been expensive.

Inter Miami attacked Nathan Byrne’s replacement, Harrison Afful, and took advantage of it twice, forcing him out of position each time. Even if Lionel Messi hasn’t had a lot of influence, his mere presence has had a significant impact. Inter Miami has been on a roll for the last 45 minutes.

A special thanks goes out to the DRV PNK Stadium security team, who are donning boots to aid trample any potential pitch intruders. In Fort Lauderdale, we do not play around!

Charlotte FC and Inter Miami: First 45 minutes: With five minutes of added time, Inter Miami seems content to let Charlotte control the ball for the remainder of the first half. They haven’t created many chances in the attacking third since Inter Miami has a revamped defense that hasn’t been seen in this Leagues Cup. They’ll be a real issue when MLS competition resumes if they can maintain this tremendous improvement going forward.

In the 44th minute, Charlotte FC has its best opportunity of the game on a cross from deep on the right flank, but Drake Callender, who has good command of his area, takes it out of the air before Kamil Jozwiak can connect.

39th minute: Charlotte FC has enjoyed a lengthy period of possession, similar to what happened after the first goal, but they haven’t been able to produce anything that could threaten Drake Callender’s goal. By stealing the ball and drawing fouls from a relatively desperate Charlotte club, Inter Miami is relieving pressure.

Only one shot has been taken by the visitors so far, and it was blocked.

Goal at minute 32! MIAMI INTER! Robert Taylor helps Inter Miami increase their advantage by two!

DeAndre Yedlin feeds Taylor unmarked streaking vertically down the center while remaining motionless. Inter Miami already leads 2-0 and it’s so very easy. Even though he wasn’t directly involved, Lionel Messi’s run helped draw Harrison Afful off Yedlin after Sergio Busquets passed to him at the top corner of the 18-yard box.

30th minute: Inter Miami has a chance! With only 12 touches up to this point, Lionel Messi starts to turn the tables and executes a beautiful one-touch buildup on the left edge of the penalty area that results in a Messi shot on goal. Kristijan Kahlina, shooting from a tight perspective, diverts the effort from the frame.

26th minute: Charlotte has a prolonged period of possession, something Inter Miami is not accustomed to stopping, but the home team stops it. Jordi Alba, who continues to be at the top of his game, contributed significantly defensively during those few minutes.

22nd minute: Kamil Jozwiak grabs another careless ball, this time in the offensive half, but it is deflected out of play. Karol Swiderski takes a good-looking shot from just inside the top of the penalty box, but it is stopped after a brief period of Charlotte control.

When Inter Miami possesses the ball, Jozwiak has been a threat, capitalizing on numerous errors. With a few more, Charlotte might decide to penalize the hosts.

20th minute: Inter Miami are dominating play in the final third when suddenly and unexpectedly, Charlotte has a counterattack thanks to Kamil Jozwiak. The Polish international slips and drops the ball as he touches back to settle after slipping past two defenders but lacking the speed to prevent the Inter Miami center-backs from catching up.

10th minute: Inter Miami penalty! Ismael Elfath, the referee, took FOREVER to make the decision, yet he points to the area! Harrison Afful was initially targeted for a hand ball by Inter Miami, and a review suggests it could have been awarded. However, it doesn’t matter since Afful then carelessly bumps into Dixon Arroyo in the top corner of the 18-yard box just seconds later.

After a VAR review, the decision stands, and Josef Martinez, not Lionel Messi, advances to take the shot.GOAL! MIAMI INTER! Martinez scores first, sending Kristijan Kahlina the wrong way to defeat him. The Venezuelan substituted a direct line to the ball for his customary stutter-step run-up, and it was struck cleanly.

Since the start of Leagues Cup play, Inter Miami has now scored in each of the first 12 minutes of every game.

8th minute: Inter Miami is starting to get control of the ball after Charlotte FC lost its early possessional momentum. Throughout this League Cup, they have had 61 percent of the possession, and occasionally they have had much more than that.

Fifth minute: Inter Miami has a chance! That is what makes this attack magical! When the ball enters from the left, Jordi Alba sets up Josef Martinez in front of goal for a chance, but Andrew Privett makes the vital sliding intervention to give away the corner.

4th minute: Charlotte FC has had a strong start to the game. They are battling hard to hold onto the ball, but while they knock the ball around early, they have had Inter Miami do a lot of chasing. They are doing well to keep possession while under duress.

Naturally, as I’m typing that, Lionel Messi steals the ball from midfield and promptly unleashes Josef Martinez to the left. Martinez can’t properly set up the chance in front of goal and his first touch is a little clumsy.

Kickoff: The game has begun in Fort Lauderdale! Given that Inter Miami, the game’s alleged Goliath, is currently last in the Eastern Conference standings, the MLS broadcast’s description of the match as “David vs. Goliath” is noteworthy. But before all that can change, they still haven’t seen Lionel Messi play in an MLS game. They are by far the favorite in this quarterfinal matchup, at least according to the short sample size.

The Argentine has four Leagues Cup games under his belt and has already scored seven goals on just 3.4 xG. High-caliber finishing is important! What else is in store for Messi?

Charlotte FC vs. Inter Miami: Pre-match analysis, commentary, statistics, and more

15 minutes to go: The MLS social media accounts are embracing the “script writing” phenomenon. What would you like to see in the script for tonight?

30 minutes to go: Lionel Messi has yet to be stopped by an opposing manager, and tonight it’s Christian Lattanzio’s turn to try. Based on the lineups, he has come up with an intriguing strategy. According to Charlotte FC’s lineup chart, Kamil Jozwiak, who is often a right winger, has moved to the left.

The lineups have been released with 45 minutes to go. As usual, Lionel Messi starts with friends Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba for Inter Miami. Tata Martino’s lone adjustment is Benji Cremaschi’s anticipated return to midfield.

Christian Lattanzio, the head coach of Charlotte FC, pulled a bit of a fast one by playing young Ben Bender in wide midfield instead of Justin Meram and Kerwin Vargas, and by moving Kamil Jozwiak from his typical position on the right to the left wing.

1 hour to go: Let’s savor the majesty of tonight’s kit matchup, an MLS classic, while we wait for the lineups to be posted (they’re late). Inter Miami wears a pink kit with black accents (personally, I prefer the black kit with pink accents, but they’re both great), and visiting Charlotte FC wears royal purple with teal accents. Both teams make outstanding use of color. Simply amazing.

1:15 to go: Inter Miami will play tonight’s game at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale as a temporary location while their new stadium in Miami is being built.

30 minutes to kick: Even if Messi and the rest of Inter Miami have a strong bond, his on-field chemistry with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba from their past football teams has stood out.

Despite the fact that only one of Messi’s seven goals for Inter Miami to yet has been formally credited to his former Barcelona teammates (the opening goal against FC Dallas in the semifinals), Sergio Busquets was directly involved in at least two other of those goals.

With 45 minutes left until kickoff, there are some lingering concerns about whether Lionel Messi will lead Inter Miami to victory, despite the majority of people, according to the betting market, still believing that.

Inter Miami’s moneyline to win in 90 minutes was -225 yesterday; it is now -190, while Charlotte FC’s moved from +475 to +400. The “yes” option on both teams scoring has changed from -145 all the way to -185, which is a major change. There has also been even more movement in the game flow section, with Charlotte FC now being considered extremely likely to find at least one goal.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – JULY 21: Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi (10) runs toward the corner after scoring the game winning goal during the Leagues Cup match between Cruz Azul and Inter Miami CF on Friday July 21, 2023 at DRV PNK Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire) || 273193_0031

Discover a thorough betting preview of Inter Miami vs. Charlotte FC here.

Two hours until kickoff: Messi Mania’s “something in the air” claims may just be a result of the relative humidity in the area. At kickoff tonight, the temperature will be approximately 88 degrees Fahrenheit, but with a humidity level close to 70%, the heat index will be in the mid to upper 90s. There will undoubtedly be water breaks during tonight’s game.

Inter Miami vs Charlotte lineups, team news

All three of Inter Miami’s new superstars, Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba, have been incorporated into the starting lineup, and going forward, they will all be used regularly, with load management likely being the only exception. There is no way manager Gerardo Martino would try to bench any of them in a knockout match.

Diego Gomez was used in midfield by “Tata” against FC Dallas, but it was anticipated that Benja Cremaschi, who has been in excellent form, would reclaim his starting position.

Only Gregore, Jean Mota, Corentin Jean, Franco Negri, and Ian Fray are out due to injury for Inter Miami. Gregore might soon recover from his foot injury, but he must first be prepared for a contest.

Callender (GK) is surrounded by Yedlin, Kryvtsov, Miller, Alba — Arroyo, Busquets, Cremaschi — Messi, J. Martinez, and Taylor in the Inter Miami starting lineup (4-3-3) for the game.

Inter Miami’s (12) substitutes include Jensen (goalie), Dos Santos (goalie), Sailor, N. Allen, Neville, McVey, Ulloa, Azcona, D. Gomez, D. Ruiz, R. Robinson, and Campana.

Since Pablo Sisniega’s injury, Kristijan Kahlina has been the team’s primary goalkeeper and hasn’t faced any serious competition. Enzo Copetti, the team’s talisman striker, has been out with a leg injury for some time, but Karol Swiderski has filled in up front since his Charlotte FC debut had been only so-so.

Young midfielder Ben Bender earned the right to start in a rare wide position ahead of regulars Kerwin Vargas and Justin Meram after making a strong case for playing time off the bench. Nathan Byrne, who is out injured, is replaced at left back by Harrison Afful.

The starting lineup for Charlotte FC is as follows (4-1-4-1): Kahlina (GK) — Lindsey, Malanda, Privett, Afful — Westwood — Bender, Bronico, Arfield, Jozwiak — Swiderski.

Sisniega (GK), Marks (GK), Sobocinski, Corujo, Tuiloma, D. Jones, Hegardt, Cambridge, Agyemang, Vargas, Meram, and Dejaeghere are the 12 substitutes for Charlotte FC.

How to watch Charlotte FC vs. Inter Miami

At 8:30 p.m. local time, the game from DRV PNK Stadium will begin in front of what is anticipated to be another sold-out crowd to watch Messi.

The game will be broadcast globally on MLS Season.click here

MLS Season Pass on the global streaming television network, Apple TV

Betting odds for Inter Miami vs. Charlotte

Since Lionel Messi’s arrival, Inter Miami hasn’t faced a truly difficult opponent, but they’ve shown they can dominate the weaker ones.

In the group stage, Messi & Friends destroyed Atlanta United, and in the Round of 32, they thrashed Orlando City. Although it’s difficult to imagine Inter Miami winning the entire competition, they do have a favorable draw here with Charlotte FC in the quarterfinal. Inter Miami continue to struggle defensively at times, as was evident in the Round of 16 at FC Dallas.

 Inter Miami win
(90 mins)
(90 mins)
Charlotte FC win
(90 mins)
Both teams
to score
Y / N
2.5 goals
-225+360+475-145 / +100-190 / +130-375+250

-238+330+440-185 / +132
Top Betting Sites
12/2515/421/47/10, 21/2011/20, 7/51/449/20
1.464.605.801.73 / 2.081.58 / 2.41



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