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LeBron James’s five biggest career games, ranked

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Lebron James went through eight NBA finals in a row and – prior to this wonderful run – reached the NBA finals in 2007 at the age of 22. Let’s evaluate his best matches.

5. Final East 2007, 5th match against Kolben.

Some cult athletes have their first match, the first moment when they leave an unforgettable impression on the national and international sports public. Michael Jordan played on 2. Game against the Boston Celtics. Magic Johnson played his sixth. 1980 NBA final game against Philadelphia 76. Lebron James played his fifth game in the final of the Eastern Conference 2007 against the Detroit Pistons.

Lebron James scored in the 5. Game 48 points with a score of 2:2, which in itself is impressive. More importantly, the Cleveland Knights needed those 48 points and won 109-107 in double overtime.

This victory catapulted Bron to a higher star level and eventually to his first NBA final. He also refused to let the Pistons return to the finals, which was a disastrous moment for one of LeBron’s early rivals in the NBA. This batch cannot be removed from the list.

4. 2015 Eastern semifinal, match four against the Bulls.

The stats line wasn’t very good for LeBron in this game. He finished 10 of the 30 points of the field with 25, had 14 rebounds and eight assists. The most important thing is that LeBron is able to endure the pain, play for his team and save his coach.

Lebron James rolled his ankle at the end of the third quarter, but persevered and played the rest of the game. He played the defense at a high level, the Cleveland Cavaliers held the Chicago Bulls only 16 points in the fourth quarter, 84 for the entire game.

LeBron James – his team was 2-1 behind in the best of seven away games – saw coach David Blatt call a time-out at the end of the game. The coroner didn’t notice, they could have made a technical mistake because the Cavs didn’t have time. Chicago could have taken a one-point lead, but instead Kavs got the ball in the game 84:84.

Blatt wanted LeBron James to take the ball. It was neither the first nor the last time that Lebron vetoed the coach that he would oust a season later from Cleveland. He got the damn ball and hit a long, hard left shot at Jimmy Butler to win the game at the buzzer.

If the Cavs hadn’t won that game, they would have dropped 3-1 in the series. The second round in Cleveland could have been very different for LeBron James if he hadn’t made that shot. This is a very important moment in his career, despite the fact that the Cavs have not won the NBA title this season.

3. 2016 NBA final, match five against the Warriors.

The last three games of the NBA final of 2016 represent LeBron’s best week as a professional basketball player. He’s never played better than three games in a row. Game 6 deserves to be on this list, but other examples are simply too important here.

One wonders why the sixth. The game’s not happening. Only the game was at home, and a sworn enemy of the Golden Warriors of Andre Iguodal’s state was injured. The level of difficulty was in the order of 5. Play harder on the streets of Auckland.

Lebron James lost 41 points and made 16 rebounds, seven assists, three steals and three blocks to give the Warriors a home championship party. As soon as Cleveland won the match, match seven was played. Game not only possible, but most likely the way to the greatest moment of the Armor as an athlete.

2. East 2012 final, 6th match against the Celtics.

The extent of the performance can be deduced from rough statistics and participant bets. This game is married to two more than any other game in LeBron’s career.

Lebron James knew he would have won the NBA Championship in Miami 2-0 if he had won the sixth game in the Eastern Conference final.

Lebron James had to silence his skeptics and save the Boston heat wave eight years ago. Not only did he do it, but he shot the ball as good as ever, scoring 19 out of 26 for 45 points.

1. 2016 NBA 7 final, against the Warriors.

Did Lebron James want to bring the championship to Cleveland, a historic snake bite town that hasn’t won the professional championship since 1964? It was the only question that mattered.

When LeBron secured the last boulder in Igudala and helped the Cavs win their hard-won title, LeBron kept his promise to Cleveland. He founded his career in the full and eternal form he had always hoped for.

Lebron James gave birth in Cleveland after many contractions.

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