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LeBron James Reveals Why He Stopped Playing Football In High School –

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Believe it or not, LeBron James is a man of many talents. Especially in sports, there is nothing a man can’t do with the ball.

When he juggled with football and basketball in high school, his skills and consistency were clearly at a different level. But at the end of his senior year, it was time for him to make a decision. James stopped playing soccer when he was one of the best in his class. – But why?

Why don’t you give him another year?

According to the star of the Instagram Lakers, it was his friends who convinced him to stay off the field this season.

My friend @mister1223 just sent me this from his son. His son said: I didn’t know Source was number one in Ohio? He said… Yeah, Bron was good at football, too. His son said to him: Oh, wow… 60 receptions, 1,200 yards and 16 touchdowns in my junior year at WR. Men lie, women lie, not numbers. I didn’t even play my last year (I wanted to) because my boys @siancotton_ @druondemand @chillwill03 @rometrav @brandonweems10 @frankiewalkersr didn’t like me. They told me that if I tried to run on the soccer field in my senior year, they would jump with me every practice day until I got tired of it! I think I made a wise decision! Ha! Either way, your LB/CB/S can thank my friends I left on the tread, or you can have lots of Moss’d highlights.

It’s no wonder that a talented athlete like Lebron James has shown so much potential in two major sports. Because of the nature of the two, he had to choose one of them – and it seems he could have chosen either one at the moment.

I think we should pay tribute to his former basketball friends for what we’ve all seen over the years. And James should thank them too – because it seemed like the right thing to do to stay in basketball.

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