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Justin Bieber slammed after sharing 'Praying for Israel' post featuring Gaza rubble – The Mirror


Justin Bieber faced criticism from fans as he was seen posting and deleting a ‘Pray for Israel’ post on his Instagram story amid the Israel-Palestine conflict
Justin Bieber is facing intense backlash from fans as he was seen posting and deleting an inaccurate "Pray for Israel" post that showed the destruction in Gaza.
In the image of the Graza Strip Justin posted, homes, markets, and mosques were seen in ruins following the retaliation for the attack launched by Palestinian Hamas terrorists on Israel's territories on Saturday. The singer's post came just days after the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of over 1,200 Israeli civilians.
The 29-year-old artist posted the "embarrassing" mistake on his Instagram story Wednesday night and immediately took down the post within the hour. He later replaced the story with a new post with a simple green-and-blue background writing the words: "Praying for Israel", followed by a red broken heart emoji.
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Although Justin quickly caught his own mistake, it wasn't without many fans taking notice. Under his most recent Instagram post, angry fans have flooded the comments with hundreds of emojis featuring the flag of Palestine.
Many fans commented criticising Justin's lack of knowledge regarding the issue with one user writing: "Made a whole album called Justice yet you don't know the meaning of the word," and another adding: "Please educate yourself." And a third commenting: "A 29 year old man that can't use his brain to search facts on Google."
Justin's criticism comes after the STAY singer previously posted about the conflict this week. On his Instagram story the singer shared his written statement on the issue that read: "Truly hurting for both my Israeli and Palestinian friends. I'm pretty sure we all instinctively know evil when we see it. To vilianise all Palestinians or all Israeli people to me seems wrong. I'm not interested in choosing sides, but i am interested in standing with the families who have been brutally taken from us."
The famous singer is in good company as many celebrities have taken to social media sharing their stance on the conflict. One celebrity that has been vocal about the issue is Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot.
She was one of the first celebrities to show her support for Israel sharing her heartache following Hamas' attack on Israel, urging her followers to help those who were impacted, writing: "Whoever can, and willing to donate, these peoples lives changed forever yesterday. They’ve lost so much and need help. Only if you can."
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