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Inside Kim Kardashian's trip to Arsenal – private jet to kids meeting the players – The Mirror


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian splashed out on a lavish trip to see the London based Premier League club play for her seven-year-old son Saint West and his friends
Kim Kardashian treated her son Saint to a special trip to London as they headed to watch his favourite football team play.
The Kardashians star revealed all the details of their adventure in a new episode of the show, as the seven-year-old declared it the "worst day of my life" despite getting to meet some of his sporting heroes. Kim, 42, excitedly confessed on the show that she took Saint, some of his friends, and their mothers, all the way to London to watch Arsenal play at the Emirates stadium.
Going the extra mile Kim even arranged for them to meet one player and video chat with another on the epic trip to Europe. The group set off to see Arsenal play on March 16 in their Europa League match against Portugal's Sporting Lisbon. The nail biting game ended with Arsenal crashing out of the final 16 after losing on penalties.
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Telling Kylie about her plans for the trip Kim said: "We're gonna go to London first, to go to an Arsenal game, and then we're gonna go to Paris to see the Paris Saint-Germain game. Kendall will be there and it'll just be so much fun." Kim also discussed in the episode how Saint had a "newfound obsession/love with soccer, so I decided I wanna plan this like legendary trip of a lifetime."
Kim was then shown at an airfield with her group for the trip as she confessed: "I am taking Saint and his best friends and their moms on a trip to London and Paris. It's called our Soccer Mom Tour Trip. Our boys love soccer and they're obsessed with all the players from (Kylian) Mbappe, (Lionel) Messi, (Christiano) Ronaldo, Neymar (da Silva Santos Júnior), (Bukayo) Saka. You name it, they're obsessed."
She explained that she tries to treat all her children to a special trip based on what they love, adding: "I try to find what my kids' passion is, and do a trip with them. I've taken Chicago and her friends to San Diego. They love the zoos and the Legolands and all that. Luckily, Psalm just tags along, you know. North loves Paris and fashion, so I took her to Paris. Saint loves soccer, so I figured this is our trip. It's gonna be so much fun and it definitely is just such an amazing bonding experience."
As they boarded the plane Kim eagerly told the group: "Guys, when we get to London, we're on the field, we meet the players, we get the jerseys."
After arriving in London the boys played football in the hotel lobby as Kim admitted her excitement for the game later that evening. She said: "We're in London and we got a little bit of rest so we can be ready for the Arsenal game tonight. This is like a dream come true. I played soccer, so I want to make sure Saint has so much fun and falls in love with the sport."
Kim is then seen talking with the other mums as she admitted: "I just love that we can give this to our boys. They're gonna remember this forever," before they discussed the possibility of there being "cute guys" at the match. However, Kim quickly shot the idea down saying she has "age limits" and that she needs someone "a little bit more age appropriate. I need like 40."
She the explained to the camera: "When you're single and all your friends are married, it's like you have desperation written on your face and everyone under the sun wants to hook you up with someone. I'm genuinely just OK being by myself for a minute, and the right situation will come my way."
Arriving at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium Kim asked the boys "who's excited?" as they universally replied: "Me!" They were then taken to their suite before being given a closer look at the pitch. Kim asked the boys who their favourite player is as they walked the ground and they all vouched for Saka.
However, Saint seemed distracted as he claimed: "This is the worst day of my life," before Kim replied: "Oh stop it, Saint." Kim then explained that he is sulking after she "forgot Saint's red Arsenal jersey that we specifically got for this trip, that, of course, I left at home. I'm the worst."
But when Kim pointed out that the goalies were on the field and the players were heading out too, Saint forgot his woes and rushed to get a better look at them. Kim then took a photo with Saint and with the other mums with the pitch behind them, before Arsenal striker Eddie Nketiah came to greet them, hugging Kim and shaking hands with the children.
All of the children were then gifted red Arsenal jerseys as a delighted Saint rushed to put his on. Relieved Kim then said: "Finally, happy kids, and they also get to meet the Arsenal Gunners' mascot – Gunnersaurus Rex. This is all you want in life. You just want happy kids, you want everyone to be appreciative, that's all I want and I feel I finally got it tonight.
"There is so much going on in my life. Still in school, my businesses that I'm running, but I will make all the time in the world to create memories with my babies and I know will mean the world to Saint." As they left the stadium, Kim added: "It was such a good game, ugh, Arsenal lost, but tomorrow, I'm so excited to go sightseeing, to show them a little bit of London and have fun in a whole new place."
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