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I learn a lot from the management skills of my mom: Divyanka-Bollywood

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Divyanka Tripathy Dahia, who misses her mother, says she is in awe of her, because while people are a little relaxed during lock-in, her mother is holding on to a very busydiagram.

Bollywood Update: 18 May 2020 13:42 ECT

Divyanka says she has realized that even in prison her mother cannot be locked up.

Like many of her peers, Divyanka Tripathy Dahia was busy taking care of her home and loved cooking, but she misses her mother most of all, she says. My mother, Neelam Tripathy, is very creative and enterprising. I realized you can’t even lock up my mother in jail, the actor says.

The Bharatnatyam dancer and yoga expert, her mother taught line yoga and Bharatnatyam dance classes for the children of her academy.

Although it feels good to make simple recipes at home, she often prepares delicious dishes such as dahi vadas and jalebis. I really miss her presence. In the meantime, I wish I could be with her and enjoy all the delicacies she’s prepared at home in Bhopal, she says. During the blockade, Divyanka and her husband, actor Vivek Dahia, exchanged funny videos about how they spent their time at home. Tripathy recently showed two pictures of a carrot cake she baked and wrote: After a very long marriage we have the same content to publish! I managed to bake my favorite #CarrotCake at the first attempt!

The actor has the feeling that people have become more relaxed during the pandemic and localization. We wake up, we sleep a lot, but my mother doesn’t. She is always disciplined, wakes up at a normal hour and has been doing her homework, sports and work impeccably for many years. She later supervised his academy. Mama works constantly and manages the house and the new tasks at the academy, but never complains. She loves the process, so nothing has changed in that isolation. I learn a lot from her management skills, how she balances things professionally and personally. I’m still in awe of her. Sign it.

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Mom, tell me a secret. …what are you made of? You don’t participate, you just slip away gracefully. You don’t get tired and you don’t stagnate. ♥️ Tell me a secret, what turns you on? We can’t stop you, but you’re not in the race. Despite all the difficulties you will find a reason to upgrade. ♥️ After you went from housewife to athlete, dancer, entrepreneur and social worker, you seemed pretty excited and left me stunned. ♥️ Thank you for deciding for us what a woman should be like today. I love you, Divyanka, Vivek, Pryanka, Aishwarya…

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