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How to look stylish while traveling, according to a celebrity stylist – Insider


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Sometimes, planning outfits for a vacation can be nearly as stressful as planning the holiday itself — and it all starts with what to wear at the airport. 
Depending on your flying class, you may want to look more fashionable than usual. Or maybe it’ll be warm where you’re heading, but you don’t want to wear shorts on a plane. That’s where Kim Appelt comes in.
Appelt, a celebrity stylist and author of the book “Style for Everybody,” told Insider there are ways to look good while traveling without sacrificing comfort on long flights. 
If you’re heading somewhere where the weather is warm, a maxi or midi dress will get you there comfortably, Appelt said. Pair that with a linen top, sweater, and tennis shoes, and you’re off to the airport in style, she added.
“I actually love a long cotton dress,” Appelt said. “Imagine a tank-top style, and I’ll wear that with a linen shirt on top, with runners if I’m going somewhere hot.”
Appelt said one of the maxi dresses she likes is from Current/Elliott, which carries long, casual dresses. She also said Zara sells classic white linen shirts. 
If you tend to get cold, Appelt suggested wearing a pair of leggings under your dress, but rolling them up above your ankles so they aren’t noticeable. 
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Appelt suggested wearing a nice matching set — bonus points if it’s cashmere for an elevated yet comfortable look to wear in the airport. 
“[Wear] a nice pair of sweats,” Appelt said, suggesting a set from Teddy Cashmere, an artisanal knitwear line. “Those Teddy Cashmere ones, they’re beautiful. With those sets, you can take the sweater, the sweatpants, and the shirt that goes with it, and they can all be mixed and matched.”
Appelt is particularly fond of Teddy Cashmere’s hooded cardigan, but with a $631 price tag, the brand’s pieces may not be for the frugal traveler. Still, Appelt raved about the brand’s quality and said its upscale items would last years.
Similarly, cozy sets can be found at brands like Pitusa, which has gotten the thumbs up from Insider’s Conz Preti. Pitusa’s sets run for $220.
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