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Fans 'screaming' over Gordon Ramsay's description of his sandwich on Kitchen Nightmares – The Mirror


On the latest episode of Kitchen Nightmares in the US, Gordon Ramsay went to a golf course restaurant in New Jersey and did not hold back on his classic insults, much to fans’ delight
Gordon Ramsay compared his sandwich to a melted condom as the celebrity chef lashed out in the latest episode of his Kitchen Nightmares show.
The chef and TV personality visited In The Drink, a restaurant located on a golf course in Wayne, New Jersey. George, the owner, seemed to be out of the loop when it came to what was going on at his restaurant. He kept his wife in the dark about the finances, left his staff demoralised by complaints, and worked his chef into the ground.
When 56-year-old Ramsay came into the restaurant, he thought he had entered by the back door given how uninviting it was. But it turned out, that was just how the restaurant looked. As usual, Gordon ordered a selection of food to try, and of course he was disappointed.
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Ramsay ordered a combo platter, a shrimp Ceasar salad, a burger, and an open-faced steak sandwich. With only one frier in the kitchen, he was left waiting for his food so he decided to mingle with other guests, speaking to one visitor who pointed out there was a hair in their cheese.
Once the food came, almost an hour after he ordered, Ramsay was deeply disgusted. “Honestly that chicken looks like it spent more time in the f*****g freezer than it did in the farm," he said about the meat on the platter that he decided looked "like a kid's platter "Everything's just so greasy," Gordon exclaimed as he showed the overcooked burger and burned bun. He also explained his salad was "acidic, it's store brought, and it tastes terrible."
But his most shocking comment came with the open face sandwich."Wow look at that," Gordon said. "Honestly it looks like someone’s melted a f***ing condom on my sandwich. Tt’s just bad, that’s terrible." Fans of the hit show took to Twitter to share their thoughts. "Not a melted condom, Gordon is killing me," someone tweeted with a laughing face emoji. Another wrote: ""He said a melted condom. I screamed."
Gordon later added: "This restaurant looks like a cafeteria and so does the food.” Fans agreed, with one social media user tweeted: "That is high school food." But he wasn't done. The chef saw undercooked salmon going out, and noted: "If you give me the head, I’ll get it back in the f***ing pond."
The stubborn owner refused to realize anything was wrong, blaming others and not thinking the more than an hour-long wait time was a bad thing. "I thought last week's Hell's Kitchen couldn't be topped," one person wrote on Twitter. But eventually, the owner accepted Ramsay's advice and allowed the chef to redecorate his restaurant, update his menu and train his beleaguered chef.
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