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Elle King visits her country roots on season finale of CBS Secret … – Tennessean


Country chart-topper Elle King’s renowned love for her Southern Ohio familial roots — namely those involving her grandfather — shine brightly on her 2023 album “Come Get Your Wife.”
Thus, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter being featured on Sept. 29’s Season Three finale (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET/PT of CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation and taking the program’s host Nischelle Turner and the program’s design team consisting of home improvement contractor and television personality (of “Survivor” fame) Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano and interior designer Sabrina Soto (“Design Star,” “Trading Spaces”) to her small-town Southern Ohio roots in Wellston makes sense. 
King returns to surprise her “Pawpaw,” Dave King, who has always been her biggest fan, with a transformation of the home he has lived in for nearly 50 years. During her childhood, while her mother, model London King, frequently traveled, she spent time in Wellston with her grandfather.
Moreover, during the renovation, King takes the team to nearby Jackson, Ohio’s Rowdy’s Smokehouse venue.
Notably, Rowdy’s — a restaurant built from salvaged wood and metal from an old oak barn nearby, has a tradition of hosting concerts by roots-driven singer-songwriters, including the likes of Arlo McKinley and John R. Miller — King’s banjo-driven and rock-tinged country songs are an ideal fit.
Many are already aware that King is a Suzuki Method-trained violinist whose teenage years in Brooklyn found her — as she told the Tennessean in a January 2023 feature — watching bands in intimate theaters use the banjo as more a “beautiful, percussive, resonating, string instrument” and less similar to the favored instrument of bluegrass and country acts she learned to respect as a child, like Earl Scruggs and Hank Williams.
 “The country community has been so cool and has given me so many different opportunities,” stated King in a September interview for Jackson, Ohio’s Telegram newspaper. “This opportunity fell in my lap, and I felt like it was a blessing from God.”
She describes taping the episode as a “super-emotional” where fans can see her “sacred and truest family.”
“I think it’s time for me to open up and share more about it. And I’m so proud of where I come from. I’m so proud that my roots are from Southern Ohio. Every time I come home, I love to see little kids come up to me and I just tell them you can be anything you want, you know, because I was barefoot, climbing trees down here, too.”
Secret Celebrity Renovation’s season three finale airs on CBS and streams on Paramount+ (live and on-demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs).



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