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Early game-by-game predictions for the Dallas Cowboys 2020 season

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The regular NFL 2020 season schedule was officially released in early May. That means it’s time to make predictions. For now, we’re gonna take care of a team in particular, the Dallas Cowboys. Last season they were disappointing at 8-8. As a result, they came second in the weak NFC East and missed the playoffs.

This resulted in several changes in the off-season, the most important of which was the dismissal of head coach Jason Garrett. The cowboys hired Mike McCarthy for the role.

Today they enter the year 2020 with great expectations. Can they do it this time?

Let’s go week after week, game after game, and try to predict the outcome of the regular season 2020 for Dallas.

Week 1 – Los Angeles Rams (road)

The Cowboys start the season in Los Angeles with an L.A. tough Ramsey.

In 2019, the Rams did not live up to expectations. Yet they managed to break the 9-7 record in one of the top divisions of football.

The Rams had a bad season. And frankly, it wouldn’t be crazy for them to fall even more in 2020. There is also a chance that they can return to the Super Bowl, although it will be difficult at NFC West headquarters.

And the first week in the country, they’ll make things even harder for the cowboys. Dallas starts the season with a loss.


week 2 – Atlanta Falcons (Home)

Then the Cowboys have another confusing crew. In 2019, the Atlanta Falcons looked unhappy for a long time before they made the transition.

In the end they didn’t leave much of an impression, but they continued their strange trend. It’s a team that can look like legitimate Super Bowl candidates one week and a team at a lower level the next.

So, what version are the cowboys waiting for? It might not make any difference. Dallas is going home for the first time this year, and he’s going crazy. You won’t lose this game.


Week 3 – Seattle Sea Hawks (Way)

Dallas is back on the west coast in week three and has to make way for the Seattle Seahawks.

Sihouki is one of the best teams in the NFL. This has been going on for some time.

And the worst thing about cowboys is that they’re much better off at home. It won’t be easy for Dallas to win. The loss probably lies in their fate for this game.


week 4 – Cleveland Brownes (home page)

It’s certainly not the beginning that the cowboys in the 1-2 wanted, and now Cleveland Brownes is ahead of them, which should at least be worthy this season.

However, cowboys have the advantage of having a home field. And it’s hard to tell the Brownes apart. Yeah, they’re supposed to be decent, but remember last season when everyone suddenly thought they were legitimate competitors?

That’s when the battle for Baker Mayfield began as quarterback. And it seemed that some players weren’t happy. In the end, the Brownes didn’t even make it to 500th place.

Could they face such problems in 2020? It’s possible. Anyway, it’s a difficult game for them, and one in which the cowboys come out of a winning position.


week 5 – The Giants of New York (home page)

Dallas will play its first league game of the 2020 season in week 5. They face eastern rivals of the NFC, the New York Giants.

On paper, the Cowboys are much better than the Giants. But it’s a league game, so any logic is out of place.

In this sense, this game is becoming more and more interesting. And anything can happen to Daniel Jones and Sackwon Barkley, the boss of New York. But this attack is built by Jason Garrett, the former head coach of the Cowboys. Which team’s gonna set foot up there?

Dallas has the advantage of being a home and a well built list to really limit Barkley and the company. So they will win and for the first time in a year they will surpass the 500 mark.


week 6 – Arizona Cardinals (Home Page)

Today the cowboys are over 500 years old and have won for the first time of the season. And then, week six, they get the home of the Arizona Cardinals.

In previous years this could have been seen as an easier victory. But the Cardinals now look like a dangerous crew.

First, they now have a franchise quarterback in the person of Kailer Murray, who survived the hype of 2019. And they’ve become one of DeAndre Hopkins’ top football receivers, although they haven’t given the Texans much.

So far the cowboys haven’t lost their homes in 2020 and they’ve turned around a bit. They are going to continue that momentum with another victory and are really starting to prove themselves as one of the best teams in the NFL.


week 7 – Washington Redskins (far away)

The winning streak in Dallas is fun, but it’s about to be put to the test. Tell me what you think of the Washington Reds – they’re certainly not the most likely candidates for the Super Bowl.

But they have a potentially deadly list. The hurry to pass is a serious problem for enemy offenses, and the attack may very well be if Duane Haskins and the receivers make some improvements.

Again, Washington has an advantage on the field and is likely to miss something for the next game of the Cowboys.

It’s definitely gonna be a tough race. However, the cowboys will always find a way to get W out and follow the path.


week 8 – Philadelphia Eagles (road)

The Philadelphia Eagles are next. And they could be the reason the cowboys are watching Washington for a while. It’s a much better coincidence on paper.

Philadelphia won the league 9-7 last season, and it looks like they’ve improved it out of season. So this could be one of the best games of the week.

The Eagles have home advantage, and in Philadelphia that certainly means something. They also go out against the Giants a week earlier, on Thursday night, so they have a few extra days to rest.

These extra days can help, but they can also be painful.

Philadelphia is also just two weeks away from meeting the Baltimore Ravens. Then maybe they won’t ride as fast as cowboys.

Dallas finds a way to sneak into Philadelphia and keep a crew.


week 9 – Pittsburgh Steel Plant (at home)

The tough games don’t stop in Philadelphia, where the cowboys watch the Pittsburgh Steel Plant during week nine.

Last season, Pittsburgh was 8-8, although quarterback Ben Rothlisberger was absent throughout the year. They now have a starter in the middle, and they can be ready for the big year 2020.

Dallas is going through everyone at this point in our projection, and they may just be too hot for the Steelers.

The Cowboys use this field to their advantage and raise the sixth W in a row.


Week 10 – Up to week

For cowboys, it could be grade 10. I’m going one way or the other. On the one hand, this comes at an ideal time, because the cowboys have been going through some tough times over the past few weeks. And even if they win, they probably need a legal delay.

However, it could also be argued that Dallas was 100% on site, which could confuse them. In any case, they have the opportunity to rest and heal certain wounds.

Let’s see how the farewell week goes for them and the races that follow.

week 11 – Minnesota Vikings (away from home)

After saying goodbye, the cowboys are having a hard time, they go to Minnesota to meet the Vikings. And it’s not the most welcoming place.

Kirk’s cousins and the company have proven to be contradictory. Within a week everything goes well, the team is on its way, the quarterback is kicking and everyone seems satisfied.

Then the next week they are defeated, their cousins fight and there are rumors that someone is crazy about their goals or their role. Drama seems to have been followed.

So cowboys can stand on either side of the stick in week 11. And they’ll get help from the Vikings.

Dallas starts with a victory, and Minnesota faces negative headlines for a week.


week 12 – Washington Redskins (Home)

Can somebody stop the cowboys at this point? It’s gonna be hard.

Week 12, they meet the Redskins for the last time, this time at home for Thanksgiving.

During the season, Washington had more time to freeze, forcing them to do something that seemed impossible: They’re giving the cowboys their first home loss of the season.

Haskins has had more time to grow up and Chase Young and Montez Sweet can now form a cohesive unit.


week 13 – Baltimore Crows (on the run)

Dallas suffered his first loss since week three and needs a turnaround. But they’re out of luck, they take the Baltimore Ravens and leave.

Lamar Jackson does what he does – he breaks off the defense – and the Ravens continue their probably dominant season. This puts Dallas on the front page of the 2020 defeat.


week 14 – Cincinnati Bengal (far)

In 2020, Cincinnati Bengali is expected to improve significantly, especially given all the hype surrounding the new quarterback Joe Burrow.

Cincinnati will be the best team. They will win more games and avoid some of the hits of a year ago. Still, they don’t pose a threat. And the cowboys here will want to win.

That’s exactly what they get.


week 15 – San Francisco 49ers (home page)

Dallas has been a beautiful house so far. But now they’re dealing with 49-year-olds in San Francisco. I admit the attack isn’t that bad, unless Jimmy Garoppolo has made some serious improvements.

However, this protection is legal. He was one of the best in the NFL last year, and even if they step back, they will always be among the elite units in the league. They used this defense to crush the cowboy and give Dallas their third loss in four weeks.


week 16 – Philadelphia Eagles (home)

The hits keep coming back to Dallas. Outside of Cincinnati, his schedule has been pretty tight since his farewell week. And yes, while they are at home in week 16, they will face the Eagles, a division rival that will probably face them for first place at this stage.

Whoever wins here can shut it down, so Dallas should be in his A-game.

Unfortunately, they can’t do this job. The Eagles will avenge their loss earlier this year and could leave Dallas with the title of NFC East.

The Cowboys are throwing something big.


week 17 – The New York Giants (on the move)

The Cowboys have had a very hard time and are now closing the season with a tough championship game, even though the Giants are currently coming out of the playoffs.

Otherwise it’s a championship game and the Giants have a chance to beat the Cowboys completely out of the playoffs. This time they can play at home.

All stars have been upgraded so the Giants can win and play as troublemakers.

Until the 17th. In the second round Dallas could have lost enough, which allowed Duck Prescott and his company to end the regular season with a victory.

The Cowboys closed the regular season with a 10-6 record, which is probably enough to send them into the playoffs.

Pep Hamilton, Chargers, Justin Herbert.

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