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Early Celebrity Cruises Black Friday sale: 40% off everything – The Manual


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If you’re looking to travel somewhere exciting, you need to check out the Celebrity Cruises Black Friday sale. Starting early, you’ve only got today to save 40% off every guest to any destination. There’s a cruise for every taste and plan so we strongly recommend clicking the link below to see what’s out there for yourself. Alternatively, keep reading while we guide you through what we feel deserves highlighting. Remember — there’s 40% off every guest but only for today.

Celebrity Cruises offers a high level of standards across its range of options. If you’ve been reading up on how clean your cruise ship might be, you’ll be happy with what Celebrity Cruises has to offer.
That level of care extends to whoever you choose. One highlight is being able to spend seven nights traveling among the Bahamas, Mexico, and Grand Cayman with a round trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prices vary slightly depending on when you book with dates available in December, January, February, and March. You could even travel over Christmas although bear in mind that’s the priciest time to go at $1,258 per person before you enjoy the discount.
For a smaller trip, how about five nights from Miami which then encompasses Key West and the Bahamas? It costs from $229 per person so it’s cheap enough to consider paying extra for certain cruise vacation add-ons.
To be guaranteed no risk of hurricane season getting in the way, try a seven night round trip from Vancouver, British Columbia to the Alaska Dawes Glacier and back. The average price per person is just $616 for a trip of a lifetime.
While you’re enjoying 40% off, check out the Italian Riviera and France for nine nights from $1,248 per person before you factor in the 40% discount. The one way trip goes from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy so you can truly see the sights of Europe including Florence and Naples.
In all these cases, the prices quoted on the site are before the 40% discount with the discount taken off at the checkout. This is the ideal time to treat yourself to a few extras with the Celebrity Cruise interface very clear at laying out your options for rooms, views, and even interiors. Take a look at what appeals and works for you as part of the Celebrity Cruises Black Friday sale by simply hitting the button below and trying out a few different options. In no time, you’ll have created your perfect vacation and all for 40% off the regular price. It’ll be a great thing to look forward to.

Quarantine claustrophobia is real and as much of the country has learned first-hand, being confined to the same four walls for months on end can take a toll on your mental health. While restrictions do remain in place on a global scale, U.S. travel is still feasible for a planned or last-minute get-away! If you’ve been looking for a travel deal to get you or your family out of the house, Booking.com has got you covered with a great Black Friday offer.
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So by all means enjoy the record snowpack and skiing this winter Just don’t forget that some places are straight boiling. Perhaps you need a warm place to think about as the incessant spring rains do their thing. Perhaps you’re just curious where on earth a place could possibly surpass 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Perhaps you are seeking a thrill, or a place to go camping, and want to know what is out there. Whatever your reasons, read on.
With the average price of flights on the rise and many airlines charging more for perks that used to be included in your ticket price (hello, window seat), you might long for the good ole days when fliers were pampered with little extras like, say, dinner on a domestic flight. While those times are likely gone for good, there are still plenty of free or low-cost benefits out there for air travelers that the airlines don’t always tell you about — and most of them are available even if you’re not in the airline’s frequent flyer program.
Read on for some travel tips that will let you in on a few secret airline perks that you can take advantage of next time you travel.
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