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Debbie Gibson shares experience at FOX’s Celebrity ‘Name that Tune’ – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale


Guessing the names of songs from the 80’s and 90’s is a piece of cake, especially if they’re one of Debbie Gibson’s songs.
Speaking of Debbie, the 80’s icon is taking her chance on FOX’s “Name That Tune” and now she’s opening up about her time on the show.
Debbie Gibson on “Name that Tune”: “I can name that tune.”
It’s a celebrity face-off between Debbie Gibson and Belinda Carlisle on “Name That Tune.”
Debbie Gibson: “We both love the competitive spirit, but we’re friends. So it was really just a whole joyful experience.”
Debbie hopes to use any prize money for the actors’ fund home, a charity near to her heart.
Debbie Gibson: “My late, great mama, Diane, who managed my career for 25 years, and I lost her a little over a year ago, about a year and a half ago now. She spent her final months to a year. It was like, I don’t know, something like eight months at the actors’ fund farm in New Jersey. And they do such amazing work.”
Debbie Gibson on “Name that Tune”: “My dad competed on ‘Name that Tune’ in the 50s”
Besides honoring her mom, Debbie’s dad is proud to see his daughter as a constant decades after he competed on the show in the 50s.
Debbie Gibson: “The fact that my dad and I both got to be contestants on that tune is so incredible.”
Fans can also see Debbie get in the winter spirit during her “Winterlicious” tour.
Debbie Gibson: “It’s really my take on holiday festive, but it also includes the hits and it’s also got like a hipness to it. The fact that, you know, we’re playing in Vineland, New Jersey, the Poconos, the Gramercy in New York City, and also at the bourbon room in L.A. And, you know, those are like they’re kind of rock and roll joints.”
Debbie Gibson: “It’s just a really festive and inclusive evening of song dance. There’s even like some modern-style tap dancing in it. I mean, there’s like a little bit of everything and a live band.”
Celebrity “Name that Tune” happens right here on Channel 7, every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
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