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Celebrity NYC Restaurateur Keith McNally Wipes Egg Off His Face … – The Messenger


The owner of iconic New York City restaurants Balthazar and Pastis, Keith McNally, angered Instagram some users on Monday when he posted on the social media app that people should to "listen to the other side" regarding the war between Israel and Hamas, the New York Post reported.
In the now-deleted post, the 72-year-old McNally wrote that “The More Utterly Repugnant The Facts, The Greater The Responsibility Becomes To Listen To The Other Side.” The note featured a photo of Hamas rockets en route to Israel, the Post said.
McNally's post came after Hamas' incursion into Israel on Saturday and Israel's subsequent attack on Gaza. So far, around 1,600 people on both sides have been killed.
On Tuesday, McNally tried to make amends. He posted a photo of text stating, “I HAVE NEVER ONCE IN MY LIFE RECOGNIZED NOR SUPPORTED HAMAS. IT IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION COMPRISING OF MURDERERS AND THUGS.” He apologized for his earlier post. 
Among the many responses to McNally's initial post was one that read: “many of your customers are Jews. I will never be eating at one of your establishments again," the Post reported. 
“I think we could at least listen to the Palestinians,” McNally said in a statement to the Post yesterday, adding “this does not mean forgive or not retaliate. It simply means listen.” 
Besides Balthazar and Pastis, McNally was behind some of the most popular and storied restaurants in Manhattan, including Cafe Luxembourg, Odeon, and Minetta Tavern.
McNally has courted controversy before: In 2022, he banned comedian James Corden from Balthazar for being rude.



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