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Celebrity investors have outperformed the average S&P 500 returns … – InvestmentNews


While the investing world has some famous names – Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood to name just two – there are also many celebrities who are seasoned investors.
But which of the A-listers who are best known for their creative arts also appear to have mastered the art of investing?
A new analysis commissioned by Forex.com found that top 10 celebrity investors easily beat the average S&P 500 index return of 8.4% over the past 20 years, some by more than 5x.  The entire research of 233 celebrities found that the average return of all celebrity categories except for actors, chefs and comedians beat the market’s average 20-year return of 8.14%.
But stocks are not their own investment, with many favoring real estate and luxury items.
Top of the list is Kenneth Brian Edmonds, better known as Babyface, the 12-time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, and record producer, whose investments and asset categories include real estate and luxury vehicles.
Among his assets are luxury homes in New York and Paris, worth $7 million and $3 million respectively, and vehicles including a Bugatti Veyron worth $3 million.  He has seen a 134% return on his net worth of $250 million.
While his fortune is far smaller at $11 million, TikTok star Chase Hudson, known to his devotees as Huddy, is the second ranked celebrity for return on net worth. His mix of investments also includes luxury homes – including a $9 million mansion in California – and vehicles. His return on net worth is 69%.
Musician Billy Joel takes third spot with a 52% return on his net worth. Again, his investments include real estate and luxury vehicles, and his net worth is $220 million.
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