Home Blog BTS' Jin is the only Korean male celebrity to be mentioned on the list of Top 20 Instagram influencers in the USA – Sportskeeda

BTS' Jin is the only Korean male celebrity to be mentioned on the list of Top 20 Instagram influencers in the USA – Sportskeeda


BTS’ Jin is not only globally attractive but also a highly recognized man with unrivaled influence. The eldest member of BTS was recently named the only male Korean celebrity among the top 20 Instagram influencers in the United States.
Jin is ranked 13th on the list, according to data provided by HyperAuditor, an AI platform. The platform employs AI algorithms to detect suspected fake followers and bot-like activity on an individual’s Instagram account to provide data that is useful to brands and agencies.
The platform recently provided data for well-known celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Zendaya, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and others who are at the top of the US influencers list. BTS’ Jin, the country’s only influential Korean male artist, joins these well-known names on the list.
Apart from being the only Korean male celebrity on the list of Top 20 influencers in the USA, the Epiphany singer is also the most popular idol in the western nation. The BTS member was named the most popular idol in the United States by NetBase quid.
The BTS vocalist has over 40 million Instagram followers, and unlike many celebrities, he prefers to keep his account low-key and fun. The singer posts about everything he enjoys, from the food he cooks to his award show appearances to the tennis games he enjoys playing.
In short, he uses his SNS account to express his love for fans, show off his daily life and hobbies, and spread happiness.
The Abyss crooner has previously gone viral for his charming and attractive self at a number of events in the United States. He became known as the ‘third guy from the left’ online after many people did not recognize him at the Billboard Music Awards.
In other news, BTS’ Jin has decided to serve in the military, and BTS’ label BIGHIT Music issued an official statement regarding the same. Following him, the remaining six members will enlist and hope to be discharged together by 2025.
He will release his solo single album as a gift to his fans before leaving for the military, as announced during the Yet To Come concert in Busan.
Based on fresh updates, the song will be released by the end of October and produced in collaboration with British band Coldplay.
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