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Bollywood Celebrities With Y-plus Security – WION


Oct 9, 2023, 06:31 PM IST
Vaishali Mandloi
Bollywood superstars frequently receive death threats, and despite their bodyguards, they often require substantial security protection. Here are some celebrities with Y-plus security.
It includes the stationing of five armed guards at the person's home as well as the deployment of six personal security officers who work in three shifts around the clock.
The Jawan actor recently wrote to the Maharashtra government that he had been receiving death threats. Hence, the government upgraded SRK's protection to the Y-plus level
In 2020, Tanu Weds Manu actress Kangana Ranaut got death threats when she compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. After that, the actress was given Y-plus security by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.
Salman Khan was provided with Y-plus security from the Maharashtra government after he received death threats from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.
The Kashmir Files director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri got a lot of accolades for the film. Vivek spoke about the death threats he received after the film's release, and he was then given Y-plus security protection.



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