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Big Ed is said to insult Rose’s bad breath again

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The 90-day star of the Big Ed Alliance continued his social media drawings this week. This time he accidentally used a disinfecting spray instead of mouthwash. In the Instagram video, he says he understood how he collected his mouthwash and disinfectant spray in one place. He said that these two products have the same colour, making it easy for one to make a mistake for the other.

Big Ed made a video in the bathroom while he was getting ready for Sunday’s events. He also stated that he would record several cameras during the day. But the fans will soon realize that Big Ed is probably laughing at Rose. Remarkably, in the first episodes of the season’s 4 Under 90 Days, Ed Rose said she had bad breath and washed her mouth.

Meanwhile, fans in the comment section have hit Ed again for insulting Rose.

Ed Brown and his Social Media Intruders

After the Covid 19 pandemic, Ed Brown has nothing left to do. That’s why he has been incredibly active on social networking sites over the past few months. Big Ed uploaded the video on Instagram from the start of quarantine left and right. Most of these videos were about his reflections on the events of the show. In some videos he also showed parts of his way of dealing with loneliness.

Big Ed breaks with Rosemary Vega in 90-Day Fiancé.

In the meantime, it seems that the business between Big Ed and Rosemary Vega is finally over. In the last episode of Up to 90 Days for a couple of 90-day-olds, everything is not good.

Earlier in this episode, Ed and Rosemary argued after learning that he was planning to have a vasectomy. She said she was disappointed with the way he had treated her since her arrival in the Philippines.

She said how rude he was when she told him she had bad breath.

She also remembers that he bravely asked her to be tested for venereal diseases. I don’t feel good talking about it, Big Ed’s gone. This prompted Rosemary to pack her bags and go to the airport. She went home to Kalukan alone and left Ed at the station. When he got back to his hotel room, Big Ed found out she’d already left him.

Ed falls apart, crying and moaning that he thought it was Rosemary.

Prosecutor Ed pleads for assault of.

In another news item Lorelei Clemens talked about how she was provoked by the Big Ed. Last month she made a statement accusing Big Ed of sexual harassment and assault. It was the first time she publicly accused him in TikTok, where she videotaped part of the show. In a recent interview, she said she didn’t want what happened to her to affect others. According to her,four years ago,she tried to turn Ed in,but no one listened to her. Now that he has a huge platform thanks to the show, she wanted to warn more women against him. Fans can watch more of Big Ed and Rosemary Vega for 90 days. The next episode of the 90-day engagement break will be broadcast on Sunday, the 24th. Mayday, broadcast.

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