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The Rookie showcased the harsh reality of bein a police officer in the LAPD, but the series truly took off through its genius celebrity cameos.
The Rookie was originally released in 2018, but with rumors of Season 6 coming out in 2023, the show is far from over. With creator Alexi Hawley, The Rookie showcased some fresh takes on modern police procedurals and combined the occasional humor with the harsh realities of police officers in the LAPD. What made The Rookie stand out was its exceptional casting paired with an interesting and gripping storyline. Additionally, The Rookie incorporated a multitude of exciting celebrity camoes that may have surprised The Rookie fans.
Already early on in the series, The Rookie implemented some of the most exciting celebrity camoes. From will.i.am to Mark Cuban, The Rookie excited with its spot-on celebrity camoes and managed to spark fervor among fans well into the later seasons. The Rookie was already thrilling by itself, but spotting fan-favorite celebrities made it that much more enticing to watch.
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Joel MacHale was one of the most unexpected celebrity camoes on The Rookie. Joel McHale was famous for hosting the satirical weekly show The Soup, as well as his unforgettable role as Jeff Winger on the popular television sitcom Community.
Joel McHale appeared in The Rookie, Season 1, Episode 17, "The Shake Up" in the role of Brad Hayes, whose work has made him the target of a dangerous cartel. The Rookie managed to give Joel McHale a fitting role, as fans could identify many instances of plain satire and apparent arrogance McHale's characters were usually known for.
Frankie Muniz was another surprising celebrity cameo on The Rookie, with the series seemingly enjoying his acting skills to a point where a whole episode was dedicated to his character. Frankie Muniz was generally known for his role of Malcolm in the popular family comedy Malcolm in the Middle.
The Rookie, Season 3, Episode 7, "True Crime" surrounded child actor turned cult leader Corey Harris, played by Frankie Muniz. This episode was especially interesting as it was filmed through the perspective of a true-crime documentary trying to unveil the many mysteries of Harris' cult.
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Mark Cuban also made an appearance on The Rookie, with Cuban playing the role of none other than himself. Mark Cuban was known for his recurring presence on the well-known ABC reality television show Shark Tank.
Playing oneself in a TV show was probably a huge honor for Mark Cuban, with pictures teasing his appearance on The Rookie, Season 2, Episode 1, "Impact" well before the season actually aired. In this episode, Cuban only played a minor role in which he called the LAPD on an excited business owner that wanted to pitch Cuban his company.
Kelly Clarkson was an American singer, song-writer and writer known for her singing talents and kind-hearted nature. Clarkson's cameo on The Rookie was actually in planning for a year after the cast of The Rookie appeared on her popular The Kelly Clarkson Show.
With The Rookie, Season 5, Episode 12, "Death Notice", Clarkson finally made it onto the show and gave fans a funny start into the episode. The episode saw Clarkson holding balloons and a bouquet of flowers in a hospital elevator, with nearly the entirety of the main The Rookie characters joining her while seemingly looking a bit roughed up.
Molly Quinn was known for her role as Alexis Castle, daughter of Richard Castle, in the American crime mystery TV Show Castle. This was especially funny, as actor Nathan Fillion played both The Rookie's main character, John Nolan, and Richard Castle.
Molly Quinn assumed the role of Ashley, the daughter of recurring criminal Oscar Hutchinson during The Rookie, Season 3, Episode 8 "Bad Blood". It was probably not the reunion fans were hoping for, as the characters of both actors stood at the opposite line of the law.
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Pete Davidson was a rather unexpected surprise for The Rookie fans. Pete Davidson was generally known as a successful comedian whose jokes sometimes crossed the lines which subsequently gave the comedian a trademark image. This presented Pete Davidson with loads of opportunities in series and movies such as The Suicide Squad and Brooklyn 99.
The Rookie gave Pete Davidson many recurring appearances, as he portrayed the role of Pete Nolan, John Nolan's estranged stepbrother. Pete was the exact opposite of the responsible John Nolan, and traveled through the country while taking drugs and getting in all kinds of trouble. Their relationship did flourish over the course of the series and left both with a growing connection to one another.
Flula Borg was a German actor and comedian and became a recurring character on The Rookie. Flula Borg became famous through his involvement with a multitude of animated movies such as Trolls World Tour, or arguably his most successful role as Pieter Krämer in Pitch Perfect 2.
During his time on The Rookie, Flula Borg played Randy, a skip tracer turned bounty hunter whose cheery attitude nearly got him killed on several occasions. Randy definitely had an impression on the characters of The Rookie and fans alike, with his German accent and positive attitude to hunting criminals.
will.i.am's unexpected camoes on The Rookie came pretty early in the series and set the tone for the celebrity camoes that followed. will.i.am was an extremely accomplished rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer with hits like "Scream And Shout" reaching over a billion views on YouTube.
will.i.am made his celebrity cameo in The Rookie, Season 1, Episode 10, "The Checklist". During this cold open, a stalker had tried to reach Selena Gomez's house with the help of a parachute, but missed and landed in will.i.am's backyard. Needless to say, the rapper was far from impressed, but left the LAPD officers with quite the star-struck moment.
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Rainn Wilson was another one of those big names that made it onto The Rookie. Rainn Wilson became famous with the extremely successful mockumentary The Office and has since starred in some other movies and shows. In 2023, he started his own documentary where he pursed the secrets behind being happy in
Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss.
The Rookie, Season 3, Episode 7, "True Crime" featured Rainn Wilson acting as himself during a documentary involving Corey Harris, played by Frankie Muniz, a child actor turned cult leader. In this episode, Rainn Wilson was interviewed after Rainn's stolen mummified Charlie Chaplin body was found inside of Harris' house. Rainn Wilson's celebrity cameo was certainly just one factor that added to this episode's strangeness.
Emily Deschanel was arguably one of the most unexpected, but most well-received camoes on The Rookie. With Bones, Emily Deschanel rose to fame and fans of both The Rookie and Bones could revisit their admiration of her acting through The Rookie's excellent casting choice.
Emily Deschanel played Sarah Nolan, John Nolan's wife and made her first appearance in The Rookie, Season 3, Episode 12, "Brave Heart". Fans of The Rookie have wondered from the beginning of the series who would leave the likable John Nolan, but seeing Emily Deschanel on-screen definitely created some surprise. No one truly could be mad anymore after seeing Emily Deschanel assume the role of Nolan's ex-wife.

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