Home sports All of Mikel Arteta’s comments regarding Jurrien Timber’s injury, Martinelli’s performance, and the tense Arsenal end

All of Mikel Arteta’s comments regarding Jurrien Timber’s injury, Martinelli’s performance, and the tense Arsenal end

All of Mikel Arteta’s comments regarding Jurrien Timber’s injury, Martinelli’s performance, and the tense Arsenal end

All of Mikel Arteta’s comments regarding Jurrien Timber’s injury, Martinelli’s performance, and the tense Arsenal end

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Angry about the second half?

I’m glad you’re here, Premier League! I consider that to be the key point. There is no denying that we were completely in control of the game and deserved to win. However, we didn’t take advantage of our opportunities to end the game while we were ahead 2-0. After being there and having a chance on the corner, we then conceded a goal in two passes after giving away a very clumsy goal.

Game on in the league when that occurs. Every team has the capability and talent to cause problems. It was more about how you felt than what actually happened. Although the truth is that we didn’t give anything away, you are still trying to win the game, which is quite risky in this league. Naturally, I’m quite pleased overall.

Was it possible to remove Timber during halftime?

When the physicians looked at him, they were glad to see him continue, and he was too. He immediately made a movement in the opening play of the second half, and it was somewhat amusing. We removed him immediately after, and we must now evaluate him to see what he possesses.

Even you, Saka, must believe that when he cuts in, it’s a goal.

Although it’s difficult to score from that position, the finish was fantastic.

Was it a tactical choice to place Gabriel on the sidelines?

Yes, we anticipated a match that actually occurred. As a result, we needed a different midfielder to do what we did best, to be more fluid and to occupy specific gaps depending on how they were defending. It performed admirably.

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Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka lead the way for Arsenal against Nottingham Forest, according to player ratings

Concerned at all about the drop off?

It will undoubtedly be challenging to control games for 100 minutes. However, since they didn’t produce anything and the game changed as a result of their action, we let them gain some control of it. The moment that goal is reached, the momentum changes. You cannot change it at that time, therefore you must be extremely adept at handling it in order to complete the race against time and win points. The squad has done a great job at that, but in order to be more aggressive and win the game, we will need to be more harsh and critical of ourselves.

Are you attempting to think of new ideas to move Arsenal forward?

Do you anticipate many differences between games?


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I only ask the athletes to be the greatest versions of themselves. They are without other choices. It’s very challenging to forecast how good that version of Bukayo will be for any player because we don’t know the Bukayo of two years ago or how he will be in two years. This was equally true of the others. They are always so eager to do that action. They will undoubtedly be better and more competitive when that happens, and they will be able to understand the game and make better decisions.


Martinelli looked at it today. Can we expect that this season from him?

This is Gabi. He must be alive, active, and determined to succeed. Then, when he gave the ball away, the way he followed back caught my attention. I didn’t like it nearly as much when we played Monaco two weeks ago. This is the turning point because Gabi is one of the top players and one of the most dangerous when he does that backwards then forwards. When a different beat is present, no.

How happy were you to watch Eddie Nketiah get going?

I’m happy for him because he’s a good example. He was a player who was quite sad not to play in the championship match with Gabi out. He altered the game by entering the field during the championship. That comes in first. The second was how he approached this week’s training, telling the gaffer, “If you’re not playing me, you’re blind.” Many players ask why they aren’t playing, and you have to try to explain. Other players then respond, “These are the reasons why I deserve to play,” and you have to respond accordingly. Eddie acts in just this way. This is precisely what he did, and once he was on the field, he played in that manner. He sets a clear and excellent example for everyone.


Will you strive to move the ball a little bit faster as you try to get better?

Maintaining the flow is especially important in the second half and when we are ahead 2-0. We agreed that we wanted a really fast-paced game today when we were ahead 2-0 since we knew the pitch would dry up from the intense heat and play would settle down. When it is slow, the opponent gains nothing from anything when it comes to a low block with the Christmas tree. We want to keep those games out..


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