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Alex Scott's partner Jess Glynne's comeback after festival fury and dumped by label – The Mirror


BBC pundit Alex Scott has been reportedly dating Grammy award-winning singer Jess Glynne for two months. Jess shot to fame with her hit song ‘Rather Be’, which went straight to Number 1
BBC pundit Alex Scott is reported to be dating pop star Jess Glynne for months following a series of cosy dates.
The 38-year-old sports commentator and the I'll Be There singer, 33, have been seeing each other for the last two months, a source has claimed. It was reported that the duo had been on multiple dates before and after the Women's World Cup. They also attended David and Victoria Beckham's Netflix documentary premiere afterparty.
Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “Alex and Jess have been a slow burn and they didn’t want to rush things or go public too soon. But they’re officially an item now and seem really happy. They are both strong, independent women with a shared passion and respect of their respective careers, supporting one another from the sidelines. It’s still early days for them, but they’ve met one another’s mates and everyone is super happy for them.”
Despite their busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, the couple has managed to make time for each other and build a strong connection. Both Alex and Jess are no strangers to the spotlight, with Jess going from working odd jobs to topping the charts with her hit songs. After travelling the world, she landed a job at a music management company in her late teens. It was there that she had the opportunity to network with songwriters and producers, setting the stage for her future success.
Jess spent four years working on her brand as a singer, honing her skills and building her reputation in the industry. She even went on a music course for a year to further develop her craft. Finally, in 2013, Jess was signed to both Black Butter Records and Atlantic Records.
There she caught the attention of producer Route 94, who asked her to record vocals for his track 'My Love'. The song was a massive success, catapulting Jess into fame virtually overnight. Clean Bandit heard her voice and decided to work with her, featuring her on their hit song 'Rather Be', which went straight to Number 1 and won her a GRAMMY for Best Dance Recording in 2014. Jess continued to work hard and she released her debut album 'I Cry When I Laugh' in August 2015. The album was a massive success, peaking at Number 1 in the UK and receiving a Triple Platinum certification.
In 2019, her success suffered a major setback as she was permanently barred from the Isle of Wight festival due to her last-minute cancellation of the show. The cancellation was so sudden that her band had already taken to the stage. The performer said anxiety and exhaustion were the reasons for her sudden cancellation, but it was later revealed that she had been partying with the Spice Girls until 7 a.m. on the day of the show. This caused anger among festival organisers, who decided not to invite her to perform at their event ever again.
After the incident, Isle of Wight Festival organiser John Giddings told the Mirror of his dismay at Jess Glynne's "shocking behaviour." He added: ‘She will never be booked to play the Isle of Wight again. It shows no regards for people that bought a ticket. It’s so sad that an artist would do that to their fans. She’s let them down.’ Despite the supposed lifetime ban, it was announced bck in 2020 that Glynne's ban had been lifted.
But her career now seems to once again be on the up with the news that she has signed with Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation in 2022 in a bid to break into the United States market. This puts her in the company of other high-profile Roc Nation clients such as Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Megan Thee Stallion.
Jess was reportedly dumped from Atlantic Records over disagreements about her future sound and also ditched her management in a complete overhaul of her career. She then flew to Los Angeles, where she spent time meeting key players in the industry, and is now teaming up with Jay-Z's hugely successful team. Jess continues to release music, with her comeback hit 'Silly Me' in April and newest release 'What Do You Do' in July.
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