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A Hank Williams Jr. bar is coming to Nashville's Lower Broadway – Tennessean


Very soon, the evolving face of the 400 block of downtown‘s lucrative, party-ready Broadway strip will reflect the names of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi and yes, Hank Williams, Jr.
Yes, Bocephus is getting a bar for all his rowdy friends to come over and hang out every night.
BPH Hospitality, a subsidiary of Big Plan Holdings (BPH), has announced the “Hank Williams Jr Boogie Bar” launch at 419 Broadway — the former location of Nashville Crossroads — between AJ’s Good Time Bar and the former Ernest Tubb Record Shop.
A press statement notes that the “Hank Williams Jr Boogie Bar” — a joint partnership with the Country Music Hall of Famer — will “pay homage to one of the most iconic figures in country music history, with the venue named after Hank’s [1987 hit] song, ‘Born to Boogie.’ The establishment aims to capture the soulful and energetic essence of Hank Williams Jr’s music while honoring Nashville’s rich heritage and spirit of world-class hospitality to provide endless memorable moments for locals and tourists alike.”
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Nashville Crossroads has been closed since Nov. 19, 2022. In Jan. 2023, documents were submitted to Nashville’s Metro Planning Department stating that the former Nashville Crossroads bar would be remodeled with an additional fourth story added.
Those documents listed Big Plan Holdings, construction firm Impetus, STG Design, and Benesch’s Nashville office as partners.
“Boogie Bar” is the first of many expected destination locales to be launched. The group aims to capitalize on the nearly $40 billion Nashville tourism industry by “incentivizing continued investment and opportunity for businesses and the entrepreneurial sect alike.”
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In April 2022, Bon Jovi’s Jon Bon Jovi was announced as partnering with Big Plan Holdings to renovate the empty lot at 405 Broadway (which BPH purchased in November 2020 for $9.4 million), An LLC registered with the state that’s associated with Bon Jovi has already filed many trademarks in Tennessee.
Big Plan Holdings’ co-founder and CEO Tara Joseph adds that “[Nashville’s] honky honk district is inherent to Nashville’s culture, its nightlife, and has been integral to our city’s ascendance to become one of the foremost travel, hospitality, and tourism hubs in the United States.” At the same time, co-founder and CEO John Joseph feels “privileged” to adds “Boogie Bar” to a “diverse” set of Big Plan Holdings subsidiaries, including Edgehill Music Publishing, American Paint and philanthropic wing, The Joseph Family Foundation.
Nashville-based Big Plan Holdings’ hospitality arm launched in Aug. 2023, expanding their cross-sector investments in cannabis, real estate, music, entertainment, professional sports, and fashion.
In a press statement, Co-Owner and BPH Hospitality President Sean Marshall stated that the group would “oversee the establishment of three unique concepts located in the heart of Nashville, on Broadway and in the 12 South neighborhood” via “[partnering] with iconic celebrity artists and fellow entrepreneurs to introduce excitingly distinctive concepts and additions to Nashville’s already-bustling cosmopolitan scene.”
Early statements offered that the “Hank Williams Jr Boogie Bar” would open in fall 2023. There has been no updated expected opening date for the forthcoming establishment.



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