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23 male celebrities who have bleached their hair platinum blonde – Insider


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So many famous male actors and musicians have bleached their hair that it almost seems like a rite of passage in Hollywood. 
Whether the celebrities dye their hair for an on-screen role or they switch up their ‘do as a means of coping with a public breakup, the transformation can drastically alter their appearances. 
From Zac Efron to Kanye West, here are 23 male celebrities that have bleached their hair. 
Jonas has experimented with many different hair colors, including platinum blonde. He has also dyed his locks red, blue, and pink. 
After his and Sophie Turner’s first child, Willa, was born in July 2020, the new dad debuted a bleached-blonde buzzcut
The comedian made waves for going bleached blonde in the midst of his relationship with the “Positions” artist.
According to E! News, Davidson made the transformation for his role in the 2019 film “Big Time Adolescence.”
After Davidson and Grande broke up in October 2018, he made an appointment at the salon and got frosted tips.
Shortly after, the “Saturday Night Live” cast member sported blue hair on a November 2018 episode of the show. 
Davidson eventually went back to being brunette before bleaching his hair again in September 2019. 
Efron gained fans’ attention for going platinum blonde in January 2019. However, the “High School Musical” star said the look wasn’t permanent. 
“That would be so much work,” he told Entertainment Tonight.
Efron explained that he bleached his hair, and not his beard or mustache, after he “lost a bet with a friend. It’s kind of a double dare sort of thing.”
The “Down to Earth With Zac Efron” star admitted that he had blonde locks as a young kid, inspired by the rapper Eminem. 
“Eminem was cool when I was growing up. This is my Stan coming out,” he said, making a reference to the rapper’s 2000 song featuring Dido
Shortly after the rapper was reportedly hospitalized for exhaustion and sleep deprivation, he was seen with bleached-blonde hair in December 2016. 
According to The New York Times, the new hairstyle led the hashtag #blondye to trend on Twitter. 
He kept the hairstyle through February 2017 but eventually returned back to his natural color. 
The Maroon 5 frontman is no stranger to switching up hair colors. He’s alternated between blonde, pink, and brunette in the past several years
In 2018, he said that Prinsloo is a big fan of his look as a blonde. 
“My wife loves it when I do it,” he said on an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” confirming that he “ran it by her” before going to the salon.
He continued, “Why would you do anything that would put you in a less than advantageous position when it came to the person you want to want to sleep with you? You want that from them.”
The Fall Out Boy bassist has experimented with many different hairstyles over the years. 
In 2014, he cut his hair short and bleached it blonde. Wentz later showed off a hot pink dye job before trying out frosted tips in 2015. 
When a fan asked if he was going to bleach his hair forever via Twitter, the artist responded, “I don’t even bleach it anymore I’m just a blonde now.”
The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor debuted his blonde locks on Instagram in December 2019. 
“Let’s see if they let bleach blonde scumbags into the Jumanji premiere tonight,” he captioned the selfie. 
By January 2020, Howerton was back to being brunette. 
“Bye bye, blondie,” he wrote on Instagram
When the comedian was a teenager, he used to bleach his hair to look more like Eminem. 
“I had bleached hair,” Hill told Parade in 2012, explaining, “I wanted to be Eminem really badly!”
Even though the “Superbad” actor had proven that he was willing to try new hair colors, he shocked fans by dyeing his hair hot pink in 2018.
Toward the end of that year, he revisited his adolescent style and went platinum blonde
In 2016, the actor bleached his hair for his role as Detective Jack Samuels on “American Horror Story: Cult.”
Haynes has since gone back to his natural brunette color
Though the “Happy” singer has naturally dark hair, he’s played around with different hair colors and bleached his hair blonde several times.
The “Casino Royale” actor said goodbye to his light-brown hair for his role as Joe Bang, an imprisoned bank robber, in the 2017 film “Logan Lucky.” 
The “Fight Club” actor has had a man bun, bangs, and ponytail, so it seems obvious that he’d also dabble with hair color.
When he showed up to the premiere of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2005, he sported a leather jack, jeans, and peroxide blonde hair. 
He didn’t keep the light hair forever, but he was spotted with a similar cut and color 10 years later. 
From his mohawk to his highlighted shoulder-length cut, the British football star has been a trendsetter throughout his career
He’s opted for a peroxide blonde color many times.
Most recently, he showed off a silver-blonde dye job.
Leto first made a splash with a platinum mohawk at Paris Fashion Week in 2011. 
The actor also got rid of his signature long hair and beard in preparation for his role as the Joker in “Suicide Squad” (2016).
As part of his transformation into the villain, he bleached his hair and eyebrows, likely to prepare it to be dyed a green hue. 
Taking a note from his “Lord of the Rings” character Legolas, the naturally dark-haired actor went blonde in 2016.
By early 2017, he was back to his brunette locks. 
Ahmed attended San Diego Comic-Con for the time in 2018 to promote his role as Carlton Drake in the 2018 film “Venom.”
The British actor surprised fans by showing up to the event with bleached hair
The actor’s 2019 Golden Globes look caught many fans’ attention.
And while some people wanted him to keep the blonde hair for good, Deadline reported that Messina’s transformation was for his role as Victor Zsasz in DC’s “Birds of Prey.”
The musician doesn’t tend to stick to one look for too long, alternating between styles like dreadlocks, bright green hair, and braids
His hair has been such a staple of his style that he even carried a fistful of his chopped-off blonde dreadlocks as an accessory to the 2017 Met Gala. 
And while Smith is constantly trying out new looks, he’s repeatedly returned to peroxide-blonde hair.
In the late ’90s, Timberlake’s blonde curls became an iconic symbol of the popular boy band NSYNC.
He’s since abandoned the frosted tips and opted for a more natural, slicked-back look. 
Bieber was once known for the shaggy brown hairdo he had as a teenager. The style was so famous that Ellen DeGeneres auctioned off his hair for $40,668 in 2011. 
As the “Baby” singer’s career has evolved, so has his hair.
The pop star has run the gamut when it comes to hairstyles, from bouffants to buzzcuts. He’s also bleached his hair at least three times, most recently in January 2020. 
In June 2018, the singer, who’s naturally a brunette, debuted a platinum blonde look.
A little over a year later, he bleached his hair again. This time, he opted for a buzzcut instead of long hair.
He’s since gone back to being brunette. 
The singer bleached his hair in June 2015 and December 2015, leaving his beard its natural color. 
In September 2017, he completely shaved his head
“I just shaved my head because I’d bleached it too many times and it was a bit destroyed,” he told Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, according to The Sun
By March 2018, the former One Direction member’s hair seemed to have made a recovery. He was spotted at a video shoot with peroxide-blonde hair and a bleached beard. 
The rapper, whose real name is Colson Baker, started out his career as a brunette. He played around with the styles, trying out mohawks and braids. 
But in 2017, Kelly began bleaching his hair peroxide blonde, and it’s since become a staple of his look. 
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